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Marlene Dietrich Biography

Full nameMarie Magdalene Dietrich
Know asMarlene Dietrich, Dietrich, Marlene
Birth placeSchöneberg, Berlin, Germany
Birth date1901-12-27
Lived90 years, 4 month, 10 days
Star signCapricorn
WorkThis claim needs references to reliable sources
Height5' 4½" (1.64 m)
SpouseRudolf Sieber

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Marie Magdalene Dietrich Biography:

In her teens, she gave up music to investigate playing. She appeared in her first movie, Disaster of Love, in 1923. She researched views of feminism along with her femme fatale characters in movies, like in the movie Morocco. She expired on May 6, 1992, in Paris, France.

Among the very most glamorous leading ladies of the 1930s and 1940s, Marlene Dietrich is recalled for her smoldering sex appeal, distinctive voice, and uncommon personal fashion. Her police officer dad died when she was young, and her mother afterwards married Edouard von Losch, a cavalry officer. She also took violin lessons with all the hopes to become a professionalviolinist.

While in her late teens, Dietrich gave up music to investigate playing. She attended Max Reinhardt’s drama school and shortly began to get little parts on stage as well as in German movies. Due to her family’s disapproval of her career selection, Dietrich decided to work with a mix of her first and middle name professionally.

In 1923, Dietrich wed Rudolf Sieber, a picture professional who helped her land a part in Tragedy of Love (1923). The couple welcomed their only child, Maria, the subsequent year. They later split, but never divorced.

Dietrich’s career in Germany started to take off in the late 1920s. With her sultry good looks and refined manner, Dietrich was a natural for the part of Lola Lola, a cabaret dancer. The movie follows the decline of a nearby professor who gives up everything to possess a connection along with her character. A big hit, the movie helped make Dietrich a star in America.

In April 1930, soon following the premiere of Der Blaue Engel in Berlin, Dietrich moved to America. She played Amy Jolly, a lounge singer, who gets entangled in a love triangle having a person in the Foreign Legion (Cooper) as well as a rich playboy (Adolphe Menjou). For her work on the movie, Dietrich received her only Academy Award nomination.

She generally wore trousers and more manly vogues on- and off-screen, which added to her exceptional charisma and created new styles. Dietrich made several more movies with von Sternberg, including Dishonored (1931), Shanghai Express (1932) and The Scarlet Empress (1934), where she played the well-known member of Russian royals, Catherine the Great. Their last film together was The Devil Is a Woman (1935)—apparently her personal favourite movie. Considered by many to her most greatest portrayal of a vamp, Dietrich played a coldhearted temptress who captivates several guys through the Spanish revolution.

Dietrich afterwards toned down her picture somewhat by taking on lighter fare. Starring opposite Jimmy Stewart, she played a saloon gal in western humor Destry Rides Again (1939). Around now, Dietrich also made several movies with John Wayne, including Seven Sinners (1940), The Spoilers (1942) and Pittsburgh (1942). The two were said to have had a intimate relationship, which afterwards turned right into a solid camaraderie.

In her private life, Dietrich was a powerful opponent of the Nazi authorities in Germany. She was requested to go back to Germany by individuals connected with Adolf Hitler in the late 1930s to make movies there, but she turned them down. Because of this, her movies were banned in her native land. She made her new state her official residence by becoming a U.S. citizen in 1939. She also worked on war bond drives and recorded anti-Nazi messages in German for transmission.

Following the war, Dietrich made several more successful movies.

As her film career disappeared, Dietrich started a booming singing career in the mid-1950s. She performed her action all over the world, from Vegas to Paris, to the joy of her devotees. She struck some resistance to her return, but she received a warm reception complete. The exact same year, her autobiography, Dietrich’s ABC, was published.

From the mid-1970s, Dietrich had given up performing. She moved to Paris where she lived out the rest of her life in near-seclusion.

Dietrich expired on May 6, 1992, in her Paris home. After her funeral, she was buried next to her mom in Berlin. Her daughter after composed her very own biography of her famous mom, Marlene Dietrich, in the mid-1990s.

Marlene Dietrich Biography

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