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Margaret Mitchell Biography

Full nameMargaret Munnerlyn Mitchell
Know asMargaret Mitchell, Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell, Mitchell, Margaret Munnerlyn
Birth placeAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Birth date1900-11-08
Lived48 years, 9 month, 8 days
OccupationJournalist, author
SpouseBerrien Kinnard Upshaw John Robert Marsh
Childrennone, none''

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Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell Biography:

Following a busted ankle immobilized Margaret in 1926, Mitchell began composing a novel that would becomeGone With the Wind. Printed in 1936, Gone With the Wind made Mitchell an immediate star and earned her the Pulitzer Prize. The movie version, also lauded far and wide, came out only three years later. More than 30 million copies of Mitchell’s Civil War masterpiece happen to be sold world-wide, also it’s been translated into 27 languages. Mitchell was hit with an automobile and died in 1949, leaving behindGone With the Wind as her only novel.

At an early age, even before she could compose, Mitchell loved to make up stories, and she’d later compose her very own experience novels, crafting their covers from cardboard. Margaret composed numerous publications as a kid, but her literary efforts were not limited to novels and stories: At the private Woodberry School, Mitchell chose her imagination in new courses, directing and acting in plays she composed. In 1918, Mitchell registered at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Four months later, disaster would hit when Mitchell’s mom died of flu. The couple was wed in 1922, but it finished suddenly four months later when Upshaw left for the Midwest and not returned.

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Exactly the same year she was married, Mitchell got a job with all the Atlanta Journal Sunday magazine, where she ended up writing almost 130 posts. Mitchell would get married a second time in this time, wedding John Robert Marsh in 1925. As appeared to be the instance in Mitchell’s life, though, yet another great thing was to come to a conclusion too fast, as her journalist career finished in 1926 due to complications from a busted ankle.

With Mitchell’s broken ankle keeping Mitchell off her feet, on the other hand, in 1926 she started composing Gone With the Wind. Perched at a vintage sewing table, and composing the past chapter first and the other chapters at random, Mitchell completed most of the novel by 1929. A romantic novel concerning the Civil War and Reconstruction, Gone With the Wind is told from a Southern perspective, advised by Mitchell’s family and steeped in the annals of the South as well as the disaster of the war.

Gone With the Wind was released in 1936 to enormous success and took home the 1937 Pulitzer. Mitchell became an overnight star, as well as the landmark movie predicated on her novel came out only three years later and went to develop into a classic (winning eight Oscars and two special Oscars ). And on August 11, 1949, Margaret was hit with an automobile while crossing a road and died five days later. Gone With the Wind was Mitchell’s only novel.

Margaret Mitchell Biography

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