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Madeleine Force Astor Biography

Full nameRon McLeod
Know asRon McLeod, McLeod, Ron
Birth date1919-01-04
Lived84 years, 9 month, 5 days

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Ron McLeod Biography:

Madeleine Force Astor was created on June 19, 1893, in Ny, Ny. She wed 47 year old Colonel John Jacob Astor when she was 19. Their union formed a public stir plus they traveled abroad for their honeymoon. Just in her late teens at that time, Madeleine Astor made quite a stir as the 2nd wife of Colonel John Jacob Astor. The marriage was short lived as the couple was torn apart from the Titanic disaster of 1912.

Madeleine’s mom had expected that she’d marry nicely. To that end, she attended top-notch private schools for girls and learned to play tennis. Within a visit to Bar Harbor, Maine, in 1910, she met John Jacob Astor IV, section of the renowned Nyc family. The exact same year, Madeleine was officially introduced to society at her introduction event in December. As well as attending social events, she additionally involved with amateur theatrical productions.

The next year, Madeleine’s dad announced the betrothal of his daughter to John Jacob Astor, which wasn’t warmly received by some. Class standing additionally proved to be an problem. The Astor family was part of the well-recognized “old money” establish while William H. Force was the head of a Brooklyn-based sending and forwarding company.The couple faced many obstacles while attempting to wed. In accordance with the conditions of his divorce, they cannot wed in Nyc. Subsequently the couple had trouble finding a minister who does officiate. The wedding happened at Beechwood, an Astor summer residence, in Newport, Rhode Island, on September 9, 1911. Following the service, the newlywed Astors left on the steam yacht Noma.

Madeleine Force Astor Biography

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