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“Mad Sam” DeStefano Biography

Produced in Illinois in 1909, “Mad Sam” DeStefano was one of Chicago’s most notorious crime amounts. DeStefano moved to Chicago as a teen. Released in 1944, DeStefano was shortly back in trouble. He was sentenced to Leavenworth Prison for forgery in 1947 for in regards to per year. He met several Chicago offense amounts while in jail. From the mid-1950s, DeStefano was running his own loan-sharking business. Tony Spilotro was part of his team in the early 1960s.

Produced on September 13, 1909, in Illinois, Samuel “Mad Sam” DeStefano Jr. was one of Chicago’s unkindest offense amounts. He ran a loan-sharking operation for a long time, and relished the chance to torture and kill those who crossed him. When he was young, he along with his family moved to Heron, Illinois. He was a teen when his family moved again, deciding to reside in among Chicago’s Italian neighborhoods. A high school dropout, he finally joined the 42 Gang, along together with his brother, Mario. The group also contained Sam Giancana.

Among his early offenses, “Mad Sam” DeStefano was detained and convicted for his part in a gang rape; he served three years in prison for the offense, from 1928 to 1931. While he was just locked up for nearly annually, he managed to use his time behind bars to improve his criminal career, meeting and befriending some Chicago mob figures in Leavenworth.

It was through his gang links that DeStefano could score a “no show” job with all the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation in the early 1950s. He eventually needed to step down following a newspaper investigation disclosed that he had been paid for not working. With now, nevertheless, DeStefano had graduated to full time loan shark. He took special glee in dispensing out punishments to those that neglected to make payments on their loans or got in his way, utilizing the cellar of his Chicago house as a torture chamber of forms. While his wife, Anita, as well as their three kids were upstairs, he worked on his victims in the cellar, taking a particular liking to using his ice pick to inflict pain. Understood for showing no mercy, DeStefano is considered to possess killed his own brother, Mike.

While he received approval to run his illegal business in town, DeStefano was regarded as too volatile and violent by many in the organized crime world to really have a position in its organizational hierarchy. He did, nevertheless, mentor Tony Spilotro, a rising star in the Outfit, as the Chicago gang may also be called. The two worked together on some of DeStefano’s homicides, such as the 1962 killing of two young burglars.

With Spilotro, brother Mario and another guy, “Mad Sam” DeStefano orchestrated the murder of among his debt collectors, Leo Foreman, in November 1963. Foreman was suspected of speaking to law enforcement about DeStefano’s unlawful actions. This offense proved to be DeStefano’s undoing. DeStefano, Marlo and Spilotro were indicted for the Foreman homicide in September 1972. While DeStefano signified himself in the preliminary hearings, he never made it to his trial.

His body was discovered in his garage. According to a number of sources, DeStefano’s homicide is considered to possess been completed by his brother, Mario, and former protge, Tony Spilotro. No one, however, has been ever been charged in DeStefano’s homicide.

“Mad Sam” DeStefano Biography

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