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Macon Bolling Allen Biography

There he began studying law. In 1844, Allen became the very first African American to be accepted to the Maine bar. The next year, he became the very first African American to be licensed in Massachusetts. He was made justice of the peace for Middlesex County a limited time afterwards. In 1868, Allen moved to South Carolina. He died in 1894 in Washington, D.C.

Produced in Indiana in 1816, Macon Bolling Allen is best known as the first African American guy to be licensed as an attorney in America. He eventually got work as a schoolteacher. Among the attorneys who supported Allen was General Samuel Fessenden, a well known abolitionist.

Allen was rejected on his first effort to eventually become licensed in Maine because he wasn’t a state citizen. The state bar additionally permitted a man to take an examination to be a lawyer there. In July 1844, Allen passed the test and became the very first licensed black attorney in Maine.

He moved to Massachusetts in 1845 and was accepted to the bar there that same year. Allen gets the distinction of being the first African American guy to be licensed by the state of Massachusetts. Allen is considered to possess been the first African American member of the nation’s judiciary.

Allen moved to Charleston, South Carolina, in 1868. Only at that time, the South was going through reconstruction after the Civil War. He was accepted to the bar in South Carolina and eventually earned another judicial place there. He went to work for the Land and Improvement Association as legal counsel. Allen died in Washington in October 1894, in the age of 78.

Macon Bolling Allen Biography

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