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Louis, Grand Dauphin Biography

Louis, Grand Dauphin, was the oldest son of Louis XIV of France. Considered a simpleton, he lived a life of leisure the majority of his life. He found short military obligation in the Nine Years’ War, leading an army to protect Alsace. Produced on November 1, 1661, at the peak of French power and opulence, much was expected of Louis, however he never measured up to expectations. Legend had it that a prophecy foretold he’d be the son of a king as well as the father of a king, but never a king himself. At age 7, he was taken out of the care of nannies and governesses and put underneath the tutelage of many clergymen. Both his dad as well as the coaches considered him idle as well as a dullard. Nevertheless, recent historical investigation suggests that he was more a casualty of instruction malpractice that made him averse to learning.

Louis XIV considered several nominees to wed his son, and at age 7 Louis was betrothed to Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria. Louis married Maria Anna in 1680 and they had three kids. Upon the arrival of his firstborn, Louis was given the title Dauphin.

For the most part, Louis’s life was uneventful. He’d few interests of any material, spending much of his time hunting, gathering artwork and seeing to his mistresses. His moniker “Grand Dauphin” was due not to any grand achievements, but to his somewhat rotund girth. He was popular with Parisians as well as the French people in general for his affability and generosity.

When Louis was 26, his dad sent him to the Rhineland front throughout the Nine Years’ War to shore up Louis’s qualifications as a leader. In his only major military encounter, Louis succeeded in directing French forces to take among the bridgeheads to the other side of the Rhine. Louis shown bravery when he seen the soldiers in the besieged tranches to monitor improvement of the strike. His forces after successfully gained Philipsburg and prevented the opposing forces from invading Alsace.

Though he failed to play a significant part in French politics, Louis did participate in the “Conseil d’en haut” (a council of advisors to the king) and played an important part before the War of Spanish Succession. On the other hand, the Austrian Hapsburgs additionally asserted right to the Spanish crown through family ties. Philippe was afterwards crowned Philip V of Spain; so, the supposed prophecy was fulfilled. After 1700, Louis created his own court in the Chteau de Meudon and accumulated artwork and diamonds. He expired on April 11, 1711, of smallpox at age 49, preceding his dad in passing.

Louis, Grand Dauphin Biography

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