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Louis de Funès Biography

Full nameLouis Germain de Funès de Galarza
Star signLeo
Height5' 4½" (1.64 m)

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Louis Germain de Funès de Galarza Biography:

Other important jobs followed, such as the Le Gendarme show as well as the hit La Grande Vadrouille. A cherished figure to many, Funs received an honorary Csar Award before his passing on January 27, 1983. His dad was a lawyer and diamond agent, as well as the youthful Funs was known for being a jokester, inspired by chaos in the home. He worked various occupations during maturity and was launched from French military service during World War II due to some well-being analysis.

Funs entered the sphere of French movie in the mid-1940s. On the course of nearly 20 years, he’d be featured mostly as an additional or in supporting parts in dozens upon dozens works, including Antoine et Antoinette (1947), Ma Femme Est Formidable (1951) and Frou Frou (1955). He also acquired a notable part as a butcher in the well known La Traverse de Paris (1956).

The comedic performer had his breakthrough lead part in the 1963 Jean Girault movie Pouic-Pouic, where Funs played a middleaged money man who gets embroiled in a farce of changed identities and fiscal scheming. The film set Funs securely in the limelight and he became a venerated star of his home country. He played the gendarme part in five more episodes, in what became a favorite show.

Funs costarred with fellow comic Bourvil in the 1964 gangster hijinks film Le Corniaud, directed by Grard Oury. The trio reunited for 1966’s La Grande Vadrouille, a comedy set during the Second World War. The appearance proved to be a significant smash, with more than 17 million individuals in France alone planning to view the movie—a record held until the 1990s launch of Titanic. Jacob told the story of an ignorant, antisemitic businessman played by Funs who, in a sequence of turns, ends up being forced to pretend to be a rabbi.

Though a luminary, Funs favored the quiet life together with his own wife, Jeanne, as well as their two kids. (Jeanne was also his representative, and son Olivier appeared in a number of movies together with his dad.) Funs was likewise known for his love of rose horticulture and organic farming. By the mid-1970s, Funs suffered from serious heart problems and had to curtail his work. Funs received an honorary Csar Award in 1980, presented by another funny icon, Jerry Lewis. Some time after, while at home, Funs endured a heart attack and died in the age of 68 on January 27, 1983, in Nantes, France.

Louis de Funès Biography

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