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Louis, Dauphin of France Biography

He was prepared well for his ultimate rise to the throne, however a falling out along with his dad led him to play just a minor role in French politics. Unlike the majority of his Bourbon counterparts, he was a faithful husband. Though he never took the throne, he along with his own wife created three kings of France. There is much rejoicing among the French people in the arrival of Louis, Dauphin of France, on September 4, 1729. There were also parties in other European courts, as the arrival ensured equilibrium of French royal rule.

His standing as heir to the throne demanded that he have the very best of everything, including clothing, schooling, horses and weapons. Governor and governesses were made to help out with his development and needs. Louis took great interest in the military arts at a very young age and enjoyed a close relationship together with his dad up until he was 15. It was King Louis’ refusal to permit his son to join up with the 1744 effort in the War of the Austrian Succession that bitterly disappointed the dauphin.

Throughout the war, King Louis XV went to the front to lead an army from the allied forces of Austria, Great Britain as well as the Dutch Republic. He became deathly sick with temperature, due mainly to an overindulgent lifestyle. Louis, Dauphin of France, disobeyed orders and visited his dad’s bedside. The king saw this not as an act of commitment, but as disobedience as well as a reckless actions that may have gotten them both killed. Louis’ cool reception of his son resulted in a permanent rupture within their relationship. Louis and Maria Teresa were well matched and had great fondness for every other. Louis was just 16 years old and already a widower. He grieved intensely at his loss, but duty to provide for the series of the French crown necessitated he wed again.

With this time Louis was becoming an adult, well educated and studious, cultivated in the arts and letters, and a fan of music. He was more comfy in intellectual dialogue than he was hunting and at social functions. As he was with his first wife, Louis was an extremely faithful husband to Marie Josepha. This stood in sharp sharp contrast to the decadence of the Bourbon court, in particular his dad, who had been a notorious womanizer.

The dauphin himself wouldn’t live to eventually become king. He died of consumption (tuberculosis) on December 20, 1765, at age 36, while his dad was still living. Upon the departure of Louis XV, the French monarchy was at its lowest depths politically, fiscally and morally. The throne passed to the king’s grandson Louis XVI, whose ineptitude would cause the French Revolution and his execution in the guillotine in 1793.

Louis, Dauphin of France Biography

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