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Louis Bourbon, Duke of Burgundy Biography

Said to be hard as a kid, he grew up to be spiritual and true to his cherished wife. He was accepted to the king’s council in a youthful age and briefly headed an army through the War of Spanish Succession. Disaster hit in 1712 when his wife, his older son and Louis himself died of complications from measles.Produced August 16, 1682, Louis was the oldest son of Louis, Dauphin of France, and Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria. However he was affectionately called the “Petit Dauphin” to compliment his dad, referred to as the “Grand Dauphin.”

Their mom died when Louis was 8, and later his dad had little to do with the kids.Louis, Duke of Burgundy, was said to be a tough kid, malicious and haughty, showing reverence for no one. Fnelon would end up being a powerful influence in his life.

The match was determined by the Treaty of Turin, which ended the Franco-Savoyard conflicts throughout the Nine Years War. The couple would continue to have two children: Louis, Duke of Brittany, and Louis, Duke of Anjou.
This is considered quite an achievement, since his dad had not been accepted to the council until he was 30 years old.

In 1708, through the Spanish War of Succession, Louis, Duke of Burgundy, was granted command of an army in Flanders, guided by Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Duke of Vendme. Confusion arose over who was in command of the military, which led to postponements in giving orders. To get a time, all military choices needed to be referred to King Louis XIV. This caused additional confusion as messages needed to go involving the battle front and Versailles. The Grand Alliance, which opposed France in the war, took advantage of the indecisiveness and improved its forces. The culminating Battle of Oudenarde was a major defeat for the French due to Louis’ poor choices and unwillingness to support Vendme. In the wake, France lost the city of Lille and Grand Alliance forces made their way into France to get a short time.

In 1711, Louis, Duke of Burgundy, formally became Louis, Dauphin of France, upon the passing of his dad. In February 1712, his wife, Marie Adelaide, got measles and died on the twelfth of that month. Louis urgently adored his wife and remained by her side all through her deadly sickness. He also got the ailment and died six days later on February 18, 1712, at his house, Chteau de Marly, at age 29. Both of his sons became infected. His older son, Louis, Duke of Brittany, expired, but his younger son, Louis of Anjou, survived to become King Louis XV of France.

Louis Bourbon, Duke of Burgundy Biography

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