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Lou Costello Biography

Full nameLou Costello Jr.

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Lou Costello Jr. Biography:

Already a success on the radio, in 1940 Lou Costello and humor partner Bud Abbott made their very first movie, One Night in the Tropics, featuring several of the renowned skits, including “Who’s on First?” He needed to fight to get several years before which makes it big, yet. A average student, Costello dropped out of high school. He worked a number of occupations, including a stint as a fighter, before heading to Hollywood in the late 1920s.

Sadly, Costello’s fantasies to become a film star did not quite pan out. He worked at a number of the movie studios as a laborer and afterwards spent some time as a stuntman. Disappointed, Costello turned to humor and started touring on the vaudeville circuit. He eventually matched up with Bud Abbott. Tall and slender, Abbott played the straight man in the performance. Abbott and Costello made among their first radio appearances on The Kate Smith Show in 1938. Shortly they built up a following with their hilarious verbal volleys back and forth. Among their most famous skits was the baseball little called “Who’s on First?”

Their very first movie, One Night in the Tropics (1940), featured several of the renowned skits, including “Who’s on First?” and “Two Tens for a Five.” Starring together with the Andrews Sisters, Abbott and Costello played random army recruits in Buck Privates (1941). By this time, the comedic duo had become extremely successful with audiences who appreciated their extensive comedy and slapstick physicality. Abbott and Costello stayed popular box office stars through the 1940s and 1950s.

In 1956, the closing Abbott and Costello movie, Dance with Me Henry, premiered, as well as the comedic duo chose to stop their partnership the next year. They’d made about 36 pictures collectively. Over time, Costello fought against the limits of being perceived as the humorous fatman in the oversize suits and with all the dearth of critical recognition because of his work. He wished to take on more dramatic characters and did so in a episode of the western experience series Wagon Train in 1958.

His closing part, nevertheless, was the comedic lead in The Thirty-Foot Bride of Candy Rock (1959). He died of a heart attack on March 3, 1959, in La, California. Costello had been married to wife Anne since 1934 and collectively they had four kids. He’d been predeceased by his only son, Lou Jr., who’d drowned in 1943. In his honour, Costello had created the Lou Costello Jr. Youth Foundation.

Lou Costello Biography

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