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Lizzie Borden Biography

Full nameLinda Elizabeth Borden
Know asBorden, Lizzie, Lizzie Borden
Birth placeFall River, Massachusetts, U.S.
Birth date1860-07-19
Lived66 years, 10 month, 13 days
Star signAquarius

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Linda Elizabeth Borden Biography:

On August 4, 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were discovered killed inside their residence. Lizzie was detained and tried for the ax murders. Shortly afterwards, Sarah Borden expired. Andrew Borden remarried three years after, to Abby Durfee Gray. The family resided nicely. Andrew Borden was successful enough in the areas of production and property development to support his lovely wife and two daughters, Emma and Lizzie, and employ servants to maintain their house in order. Both Emma and Lizzie lived with their dad and stepmother into maturity.

The relationship involving the Borden sisters as well as their stepmother, Abby Borden, wasn’t close. They greeted her as “Mrs. Borden” and stressed that Abby Borden’s family sought to obtain access to their daddy’s cash. Emma was protective of her younger sister and, collectively, both sisters helped to handle the rental properties possessed by Andrew Borden. The family attended the Congregationalist Church, an association in which Lizzie was especially involved. On the morning of August 4, 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were killed and mutilated inside their Fall River house. Lizzie Borden alarmed the maid, Bridget, to her dad’s dead body. He’d been assaulted and killed while sleeping on the couch. A search of the house resulted in the discovery of the body of Abby Borden within an upstairs bedroom.

Officers called to the scene supposed Lizzie instantly, although she had not been taken into detention then. Her sister, Emma, was out of town at that time and was never a defendant. Throughout the week involving the homicides and her arrest, Lizzie combusted a dress that she maintained was stained with paint. Prosecutors would later allege the dress was stained with blood, and that Lizzie had burned the dress so that you can cover up her crime.

Her broadly publicized trial commenced the subsequent June in New Bedford. Borden failed to take the stand in her own defense and her inquest testimony had not been admitted into evidence. The testimony given by others proved inconclusive. No one else was ever charged with all the offenses. Lizzie and Emma Borden inherited a substantial part of the dad’s estate, which enabled them to buy a brand new house together. The Borden sisters dwelt together for the next decade. Although free, Lizzie was considered guilty by a lot of her neighbors, and thusly never loved approval in the community following her trial.

In 1905, Emma Borden suddenly moved from the home that she shared with her sister. The two never talked again. Emma may have been uneasy with Lizzie’s close friendship with a different girl, Nance O’Neil, although her silence on the issue has fueled speculation that she learned new details regarding the murders of her dad and stepmother. No member of the family staff ever offered added informative data regarding the rift, even following Lizzie’s departure. Emma Borden died days after in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

Lizzie Borden Biography

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