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Levi Strauss Biography

Full nameClaude Lévi-Strauss
Star signSagittarius

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Claude Lévi-Strauss Biography:

His business started making heavy duty work trousers, now called jeans, in 1870s, also it continues to run to today. His dad Hirsh and his mom RebeccaHaas Strausshad two kids together, and Hirsh had five kids from his first union toMathildeBaumann Strauss who’d died in 1822. Residing in Bavaria, the Strausses experienced spiritual discrimination since they were Jewish. There were limitations on where they may reside and special taxes put on them for their religion. When he was around the age of sixteen, Strauss lost his dad to tuberculosis. He, his mom, and two sisters made their approach to the United States of America two years after. Upon their arrival, the family reunited Jonas and Louis, Strauss’s two elderly brothers, in Nyc. Jonas and Louis had built a dry goods company there and Levi went to work for them.

Strauss ran his own wholesale dry goods business along with acted as his brothers’ West Coast representative. With a streak distinct places in town over time, he sold clothes, material, as well as other things to little stores in the area. As his company prospered, Strauss supported numerous spiritual and societal causes. He helped create the very first synagogue, Temple Emanu-El, in town. Strauss also gave money to a number of charities, including specific funds for orphans.

Davis, a tailor in Nevada, had purchased material from Strauss for his own company and developed a unique strategy to make more long-lasting trousers. Davis used alloy rivets on the pockets as well as on the leading fly seam to aid the trousers resist damage. Not able to cover the price himself, Davis requested Strauss to pay the fee so he could procure a patent for his exceptional layout.

The next year, the patent was allowed to Strauss and Davis. Strauss considered that there will be an excellent interest in these “waist overalls” as he called them, however they’re best known now as blue jeans. At first they were made using a heavy canvas after which the firm changed to some denim material, that has been dyed to blue to supposedly conceal spots. According to some reports, Strauss first had the trousers made by seamstresses within their dwellings. He later began his own factory to produce the trousers in town. Regardless, his toughandhardy jeans helped make Strauss a millionaire. He enlarged his business interests over time, purchasing the Mission and Pacific Woolen Mills in 1875.

While he stayed active in the business, Strauss started to give more duties to his nephews who worked for him. He continued to be generous to those in need, supplying the resources for 28 scholarships in the University of California in 1897. Strauss died in the age of 73 on September 26, 1902, at his house in San Francisco. The renowned jeans he helped create, known as Levi’s or Levis, continued to increase in popularity and have stayed a style basic on the decades.

Levi Strauss Biography

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