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Leonhard Euler Biography

Full nameLeonhard Euler
Know asLeonhard Euler, Euler, Leonhard
Birth date1707-04-15
Lived76 years, 5 month, 3 days
WorkEuler, Leonhard
EducationUniversity of Basel

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Leonhard Euler Biography:

Produced on April 15, 1707, in Basel, Switzerland, Leonhard Euler was one of math’s most pioneering thinkers, building a vocation as an school scholar and contributing significantly to the subjects of geometry, trigonometry and calculus, among many more. He released numerous articles and publications during his life, and continued to print after losing his eyesight. He expired on September 18, 1783.

He wed Katharina Gsell in early 1734, using the couple happening to have many kids, though only five lived past their dad. The couple were married for 39 years until Katharina’s departure, and Euler remarried in his later years to her half sister. In 1736, he printed his first novel of many, Mechanica. By the end of the decade, having suffered from temperatures and overexertion as a result of cartography work, Euler was seriously hampered in the capacity to determine from his right eye.

In the mid-1740s, Euler was named the math manager of the recently created Berlin Academy of Science and Beaux Arts, taking on various management functions as well becoming head of the organization itself for a time beginning in 1759. From the early 1770s, Euler had lost his vision entirely after not allowing for appropriate recuperation after an operation. Yet, having a head that stayed exceptionally agile, he could carry on his scientific work and with help printed dozens of posts.

Over his career, Euler came up with various principles which set the basis for much of modern math as we understand it. He was a radical thinker in the areas of geometry, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, number theory and notational systems—including the use of and f(x)—among a legion of other achievements. His Euler’s Identity theorem is frequently mentioned as the most delightful of equations and his work also centered on the areas of astronomy/lunar movement, acoustics, mechanics and music. Euler was a tremendously prolific writer, having written numerous papers and publications over his life, for example, well known science and doctrine set Letters to a German Princess.

Euler’s heritage has been tremendous when it comes to shaping the modern playing field of math and engineering, along with his work emphasized by the Mathematical Association of America and honored by mathematicians all over the world. A huge undertaking that’s taken over a century to finish, Leonhardi Euleri Opera Omnia is a complete display of his work and has had tons of volumes released over time. The past two Opera Omnia volumes are tentatively scheduled for a 2014 release date.

Leonhard Euler Biography

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