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Lena Dunham Biography




Lena Dunham was born in Nyc on May 13, 1986. At 25, Dunham made an enormous splash in the entertainment business for her HBO show Girls, which premiered in 2012. The edgy show follows a group of 20-something girls residing in Nyc. The characters and storylines in many cases are inspired by events in the originator’s life. Dunham, named “Coolest Person of the Year” by TIME magazine in the year 2012, executes several parts for Girls—performer, director, producer and writer. Her show has been approved for a third season.

Lena Dunham was born in Nyc on May 13, 1986, to dad Caroll Dunham, a painter, and mom Laurie Simmons, a photographer. Her first strategy was to be a poet, but she soon turned to writing plays and short films. Actually, Dunham finished three shorts while in school.

Lena Dunham Biography