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Lavrentiy Beria Biography

Full nameLavrenti Pavlovich Beria
Birth placeMerkheuli, Kutaisi Governorate, Russian Empire [now Republic of Georgia]
Birth date1899-3-29
Age121 years, 0 month, 4 days
Star signAries

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Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria Biography:

Lavrentiy Beria was born in March 1899 in the republic of Georgia. He climbed rapidly through the newest Soviet Union’s positions via his violent processes and his flattery of Soviet leader Josef Stalin. He was named head of the NKVD and carried out Stalin’s vision for purges and secret police strategies. After Stalin’s death, Beria overestimated his power and was assassinated by political opponents headed by Khrushchev on December 23, 1953.

His dad was a farmer, and his mom, who was seven years older than her husband, was descended from noble lineage. His dad, whom he was close to, sent him to a Russian organization school on the Black Sea. As a teenager, Beria attended Baku Polytechnical School for Mechanical Building, graduating in 1919.

Midway through his time at Baku, Beria joined the Bolshevik wing of the Communist Party, and was active in counterintelligence action in Georgia, that was also Stalin’s native area, during the October Revolution. By maneuvering Georgia to succumb to central Bolshevik management, Beria climbed to the job of chairman of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, called the NKVD, in the area.

Pravda, the major party paper, serialized the novel, bringing Beria national acknowledgement. Beria helped Stalin in carrying out the purges of the military during World War II as he’d done with the Georgia area in the 1930s and stayed a favorite of the Soviet leader by playing on his paranoia.

Based on Beria’s son Sergo, who composed Beria, My Father: Inside Stalin’s Kremlin, Beria was a practical man—he needed to maintain the lives of 300,000 Polish solders whom the USSR had gained in 1939 to help form an army against the Germans. Beria as well as the NKVD were attributed for his or her supreme execution, called the Katyn massacre, but records affirm that it was the determination “of the Politburo in general.” In 1941, Stalin made Beria deputy prime minister, and Beria finally joined the Politburo.

Lavrentiy Beria was shot by political opponents on December 23, 1953, in the age of 54. After Stalin’s mysterious departure before that year, Beria had overestimated his power. He’d billed himself as an anti-Stalinist reformer and started installing anti-Stalinist policies.

Beria had made himself first deputy prime minister, having become disillusioned with Stalin’s political orientation, and determined that inventing a strategic alliance with the West could be advantageous for the nation’s economic recovery. This did not sit well with his erstwhile buddies in the Politburo, headed by Nikita Khrushchev. They charged him with treason and with being an imperialist representative, and had him interrogated by his own secret police using techniques he developed. He was convicted and executed in the cellar of KGB headquarters. Several years after, Khrushchev denounced Stalinist policies including the purges and mass executions, and started relationships together with the West.

Lavrentiy Beria Biography

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