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Lance Bass Biography

Singer and performer Lance Bass came to be in Mississippi on May 4, 1979. As an associate of the boy band ‘N Sync, Bass and his bandmates became heartthrob aces and sold countless records. Considering that the group’s break up in 2002, Bass has pursued work as an actor and producer.

His dad, Jim, a medical technologist who afterwards became involved in property, and his mom, Diane, a middle school math teacher, were both conservative Christians and Bass’s youth revealed that.

But after finding the opportunity to sing along with his church choir, Bass began to reconsider his fantasies.

The young boy performed often at Clinton High School and started taking voice lessons using a vocal coach, who shortly set him in touch with another one of his youthful vocalists, Justin Timberlake. Following an audition with Timberlake and his bandmates, Bass was requested to join them. Collectively, they formed the all-man singing group ‘N Sync, which will eventually be a foundation bit of the bubblegum pop craze of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The group’s first album, No Strings Attached, sold a record breaking 2.4 million copies its first week, found ‘N Sync as an unrivaled power in pop music. The group released a second record, 2001’s Celebrity, before breaking up in 2002.

In the past few years since ‘N Sync’s death, Bass has pursued work as an actor and producer.

He is also continued to be a science and mathematics buff. In 2002, Bass made headlines by attempting to partner with Russian space officials and become the youngest man ever to go into space. Bass had expected to turn the occasion into a reality TV show, but was not able to finalize the deal after failing to procure the $20 million needed to cover his training and flight.

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Lance Bass Biography

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