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Kitty Carlisle Biography

Full nameCatherine Conn
Know asKitty Carlisle, Carlisle, Kitty
Birth placeNew Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Birth date1910-09-03
Lived96 years, 7 month, 14 days
Star signVirgo
OccupationActress, singer, spokeswoman
EducationUniversity of Paris
SpouseMoss Hart

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Catherine Conn Biography:

Kitty Carlisle got her first leading part in the operetta Rio Rita. She made her Broadway debut the next year. She got a contract with Paramount Pictures in 1934. She’d a lead part in Anniversary Waltz in 1954. A couple of years after, she left the stage for television. In 1967, she debuted in the Met. She developed her atmosphere of sophistication early on. Her mom started to taking her to cultural events in a youthful age.

When she was 10 years old, Carlisle lost her dad. Not long after his departure, Carlisle and her mom moved to Europe where she attended an elite private school in Switzerland. Expecting to line up an excellent marriage for her daughter, her mom sent her to finishing school in Paris. After making her rounds in high society, Carlisle was not able to produce the right match. Her mom gave her two options: acting or modeling. She picked playing and studied in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Returning to the USA in 1932, Carlisle shortly got her first leading part in a touring production of the operetta Rio Rita. She made her Broadway debut the next year in Champagne, Sec, a musical version of Johann Strauss’ operetta Die Fledermaus.

Shortly Hollywood came calling. Carlisle got a contract with Paramount Pictures in 1934. But her best known movie role was as the great soprano vocalist in the Marx Brothers’ humor, A Night at the Opera. While mostly a foil for the brothers’ comedic attempts, Carlisle impressed audiences with her singing, particularly her performance of the tune “Alone.” In spite of the prevalence of the movie, Carlisle’s Hollywood career sputtered to a stop with all the studio buying out the rest of her contract.

Back in Ny, Carlisle returned to Broadway, playing the lead character in the musical comedy White Horse Inn in 1936. She went to appear in another musical, Three Waltzes, the following year. Carlisle additionally performed in clubs as well as on the radio and became part of the Nyc cultural landscape, befriending such luminaries as composer George Gershwin and novelist Sinclair Lewis. It had been among the big names in the theatre that gained her heart. Being a supporting wife, Carlisle stated that Hart involved her in his work, bringing her to rehearsals and asking her guidance, based on an article in the La Times.

Working jointly to the comedy Anniversary Waltz in 1954, Carlisle had one of the lead character while her husband served as its manager. A couple of years after, she left the stage for television. With her perfectly styled hair, red lipstick and pearls, Carlisle supplied a hint of New York glamor to the quiz show To Inform the Truth as among its panelists. In each episode, a panel of famous people needed to identify the right individual in the impersonators.

Throughout the show’s run, Carlisle endured a great personal loss when her husband died in 1961. Despite her loss, she continued working on the show and remained with it until it had been cancelled by CBS in 1967. Around now, she made her debut at Nyc ‘s Metropolitan Opera in Die Fledermaus. Outside of her work as an entertainer and television personality, Carlisle became a winner for the artwork.

In the later element of her profession, Carlisle made a few movie appearances, including Woody Allen’s Radio Days (1987) as well as the individuality play Six Degrees of Separation (1993) starring Will Smith. She also kept a busy program of cabaret and theatrical performances. While in her nineties, Carlisle toured with her one woman show, My Life on the Wicked Stage. And in celebration of her 96th birthday, she played several dates in 2006, giving her closing performance that November. Carlisle died of heart failure on April 17, 2007, in Nyc.

Kitty Carlisle Biography

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