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Kim Fields Biography

Cast Confessions:
Kim Fields was born on May 12, 1969, in Harlem, Nyc. She got her first acting role in the age of 5, appearing on Sesame Street. Her big break arrived in 1978, when, at age 9, she scored the part of Tootie Ramsey to the most popular sitcom Diff’rent Strokes. She reprised the character for the show’ spinoff, The Facts of Life. As an adult, Fields earned a character on the sitcom Living Single, and afterwards performed rap music and R&B.

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Kim Victoria Fields was born on May 12, 1969, in Harlem, Ny, the senior of two sibs. Fields, whose mother was celebrity Laverne “Chip” Fields, grew up in a environment that greatly supported playing and p

Kim Fields Biography

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