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John Venn Biography

Full nameJohn Venn
Know asJohn Venn, Venn, John, John Vennn
Birth placeKingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, England
Birth date1834-08-04
Lived88 years, 8 month, 0 days
EducationUniversity of Cambridge

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John Venn Biography:

He’s famous for Venn diagrams, pictorially depicting the relationships between sets and becoming an oft-used tool in the teaching of math and logic, among other theories. He expired on April 4, 1923 in Cambridge. The younger Venn received an instruction from coaches and schools in Highgate and Islington, after earning his degree in 1857 from Gonville and Caius College at Cambridge University. Having earned a fellowship there as well, Venn would set up a long term career at his alma mater, becoming a lecturer in 1862 and named school president over four decades after. From the end of the 1850s, following his dad’s spiritual custom, Venn was also ordained as a priest for the Church of England. He did spiritual work to get a limited while before returning to Caius. Venn eventually stepped down in the clergy in the 1880s, still continuing to stay active in the church.

In 1886, Venn released The Logic of Chance, a groundbreaking novel which espoused the frequency theory of probability, offering that chance needs to be set by how frequently something is forecast to happen as opposed to “well-informed” premises. Venn subsequently further developed George Boole’s theories in the 1881 work Symbolic Logic, where he emphasized what would become known as Venn diagrams.

These images were pictorial representations of the associations between sets, with similar diagrams having been used by Gottfried Leibniz and Leonhard Euler. Though fairly sophisticated within their orientation and use, Venn diagrams are becoming a brand tool over time in the teaching of introductory mathematics and logic in addition to being employed by popular media to illustrate connections between groups and theories.

Venn was elected to the Royal Society in 1883 and released other works that comprised The Principles of Empirical Reasoning (1889) together with volumes on the real history of Cambridge as well as an inventory of its own alumni, compiled together with the assistance of his son J.A. Venn. John Venn expired on April 4, 1923 in Cambridge, England.

John Venn Biography

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