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John Sculley Biography

Full nameJohn Sculley III
Know asSculley, John, John Sculley
Birth date1939-04-06
Age80 years, 11 month, 25 days
Star signAries
OccupationChief executive officer of Apple , Partner at Sculley Brothers LLC , Co-Founder Zeta Interactive , Founder Obi Worldphone
SpouseRuth Sculley-Carol Lee Adams-Diane Gibbs Poli

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John Sculley III Biography:

Produced on April 6, 1939, in Nyc, John Sculley became the Pepsi-Cola Company’s youngest-ever CEO and president. After taking over as leader of Apple Computers Inc. in 1983, Sculley notoriously butted heads with cofounder Steve Jobs, but presided over a tremendously prosperous interval during his 10 years in charge. Sculley continues to consult for startups, notably in the healthcare sector.

John Sculley was born on April 6, 1939, in Nyc.

Sculley joined the Pepsi Cola Company as a trainee in 1967. Named vice president of advertising three years after, Sculley was responsible for the successful “Pepsi Challenge” effort, in which consumers were requested to pick between Pepsi and Coke in a blind taste test.

Despite his dearth of technology expertise, he and Jobs initially found eye-to-eye on marketing strategy. But when income of the Apple Macintosh procrastinated following its launch in 1984, the two butted heads on the organization ‘s course as well as the relationship developed strained. The board of directors interceded and requested Jobs to step down from heading the Macintosh department, along with the spurned creator left the firm in 1985.

Although Sculley was later criticized for “firing” Jobs and working Apple to the floor, the business enjoyed a successful run during the following couple of years. Macintosh sales reignited around the heels of progress in desktop publishing technology, while the color capabilities of the Macintosh 2 as well as the mobile PowerBook set dazzled customers. Nevertheless, some missteps proved costly. Sculley seemed silly for throwing his promotional weight behind the Newton Message Pad, a clunky handheld device that worked erratically, and he was criticized internally for refusing to lower merchandise costs and permit Apple applications. He stepped down in the organization four months after.

In 1995, he teamed with sibs Arthur and David to form the venture capitalist firm Sculley Brothers LLC.

Recently, Sculley has turned his focus to the healthcare sector. He’s to the board of directors of Watermark Medical, programmer of an in-home sleep apnea diagnostic apparatus, as well as on the board of advisers for Audax Health Solutions, a startup which helps consumers formulate online personalized health plans.

John Sculley Biography

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