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John Rolfe Biography

Full nameJuan Aramburo

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Juan Aramburo Biography:

In about 1612 he started to experiment with growing tobacco in Virginia. He started cultivating seeds he brought from the West Indies. In June 1613 he sent a number of the West Indian tobacco to England. Its widespread approval there supplied wanted economic stability for Virginia. Rolfe, a widower, got permission to marry Pocahontas.

The boat was captured in a hurricane in the Caribbean and busted up on among the Bermuda islands. The group eventually arrived in Virginia, close to the Jamestown settlement, in May 1610, and Rolfe’s wife died shortly after their entrance. Before 1611, Rolfe started cultivating tobacco seeds grown in the West Indies; he likely got them from Trinidad or another Caribbean place. When the new tobacco was sent to England, it proved hugely popular, helping break the Spanish monopoly on tobacco and produce a secure market for Virginia. By 1617, the colony was exporting 20,000 pounds of tobacco per annum; that amount doubled the subsequent year.

John Rolfe Biography

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