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John Hurt Biography

Full nameJohn Vincent Hurt
Know asCBE, John Hurt, Hurt, John, Sir John Hurt
Birth placeShirebrook, Derbyshire, England, UK
Birth date1940-01-22
Age80 years, 4 month, 8 days
Star signAquarius
WorkAwards for John Hurt
Height5' 9" (1.75 m)
SpouseAnnette RobertsonDonna PeacockJoan DaltonAnwen Rees-Myers

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John Vincent Hurt Biography:

John Hurt was born January 22, 1940 inChesterfield, Derbyshire, England. 1979), Hurt made his film and stage debuts in1962. John had remarkable characters in A Man for All Seasons, Midnight Express, and The Elephant Man; for the latter two films he received Academy Award nominations. John also continued to play onstage. In 2012, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts honored Hurt having a lifetime achievement award.

Despite living only over the road from a film, his parents failed to let Hurt to visit the pictures. Nevertheless, his parents did take him to see theatrical productions, and Hurt got to play in school plays.

Though Hurt loved performance, his parents were worried concerning the dangerous character of the acting field. Instead, his parents pressed their son to study painting, together with the aim to become an art teacher. Nevertheless, Hurt however desired to pursue playing. After receiving a scholarship, hurt registered in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Hurt graduated in 1962.

In 2000, Distress spoke to The Guardian newspaper about his youthful urge to play, saying, “I was effused having a sense of complete and absolute enjoyment and that i felt that that is where I should be… Hurt do not understand what emotional terms I could use, but I felt completely in the correct spot. Hurt felt in the centre of myself and I believed that I was able to express myself in this way.”

In the next years, Hurt received acclaim because of his stage work. More extensive picture success came in 1966 along with his portrayal of the deceitful Richard Rich in A Man For All Seasons.

Hurt acquired international recognition with Midnight Express (1978). In the film, myself played Max, a heroin addict imprisoned in Turkey. The character garnered Hurt an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor.

In the sci fi thriller Alien (1979), Hurt took to the memorable part of an astronaut that comes with an alien burst from his torso. Hurt would appear in a more comical variant of the scene in the Mel Brooks comedy spoof Spaceballs (1987).

His work because movie earned Hurt a second Academy Award nomination, this time for the best performer.

Since that success, Hurt’s movie career has remained astonishingly long-lasting.

Hurt played the modest but significant part of Mr. Ollivander, a wand retailer, in several Harry Potter movies.

Though best known for his film appearances, Hurt has also kept a lively stage career and television existence.

In 2013, Hurt appeared in the cult favourite Doctor Who show as Doctor War.

Hurt has been married four times.

John Hurt Biography

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