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John Hall Biography

Full nameCharles Felix Locher
Birth placeFresno, California, USA
Birth date1915-2-23
Age105 years, 1 month, 6 days
Star signPisces
Height6' 1" (1.85 m)

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Charles Felix Locher Biography:

John Hall was born August 1934, in Denver, Colorado. Practical applications of the research contained developments in satellite-based navigation systems, including the global positioning systems (GPS), and progress in the synchronization of computer data networks.

John L. Hall was born on August 21, 1934, in Denver, Colorado, to an electrical engineer dad and primary school teacher mom. As a youth, when he was not delving into the hard sciences, he participated in scouting and his church’s youth group. His dissertation work involved analyzing interstitial hydrogen atoms in CaF2 crystals having an electron microwave spin resonance spectrometer, which he made himself.

As a postdoctoral candidate, Hall chose a one-year National Research Council Fellowship in the National Bureau of Standards (NBS; after called the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST) in Washington, D.C. He’d also become a fulltime physicist with NBS at that point, staying with NIST as a senior scientist until 2004 and with JILA as well as the University of Colorado to today. Hall’s scholarly work has led to 10 patents and much more than 200 articles in scientific journals.

Around 2000, Hnsch and Hall set out to enlarge Hnsch’s “optical frequency comb technique,” which is complicated enough that just some of laboratories may also place the experiments. The technique includes creating a collection of exactly spaced frequency peaks using brief pulses of laser light. The peaks resemble the teeth of a comb and allow to get a practical manner of getting optical frequency measurements with startling truth—up to 15 digits. The work has found several significant real world uses, including enhancing satellite based navigation systems and enhancing synchronization functions of computer networks. The research was likewise used by other physicists to confirm Einstein’s theory of special relativity with preciseness. Hall is married and has three kids.

John Hall Biography

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