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Joel Rifkin Biography

Full nameJoel David Rifkin
Know asJoel Rifkin, Rifkin, Joel
Birth date1959-01-20
Age61 years, 2 month, 12 days

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Joel David Rifkin Biography:

Joel Rifkin (created January 20, 1959) was obsessed with Hitchcock’s Frenzy as a young adult and started using hookers often. In 1989, he killed his first girl. He lost the bodies of his victims so that they couldn’t be identified. In June 1993, Rifkin was pulled over from the police who found a corpse in his automobile. Rifkin was convicted of homicide the next year and later pleaded guilty to added counts of homicides. Rifkin an offender in the Clinton Correctional Facility in NY.

Rifkin had trouble fitting in with his peers, and became a regular target of school bullies. Joel was excluded from team sports and area games due to his sloping bearing and slow pace. Enduring from undiagnosed dyslexia, Joel also fought academically despite his 128 IQ. As Rifkin entered his teens, he desperately attempted to fit in. Joel joined the track team together with the hopes of making friends, but his teammates often tormented him. Frustrated with sports, Rifkin joined the yearbook staff. His camera was promptly stolen, and he was excluded in the wrapping party in the close of the entire year.

The mistreatment and isolation eventually wore on Rifkin, who started pulling away to his own troubled world. Joel began having daydreams about raping and stabbing girls. In 1972, inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock movie Frenzy, Rifkin became fixated on the thought of strangling prostitutes. Hitchcock began using the car to troll for hookers in nearby Hempstead, and after Manhattan.

His fire for hookers would improve as he entered Nassau Community College in 1977. Hitchcock often missed his courses and seldom showed up to his part time occupations, preferring to spend his time with hookers instead. His fixation emptied Rifkin of what little cash he’d, inducing him to move in and from his parents’ house throughout the 1980s. By March of 1989, Rifkin could not fight the raging mental dreams. Joel waited for his mom to leave on a company trip, and then picked up a young hooker named Susie. Joel brought the girl back to his Long Island house, where he bludgeoned her with a Howitzer artillery shell. When his first woman continued to fight, Joel strangled her to death.

Then he dismembered the corpse with the Xacto knife, removing his first woman’s identity by severing her fingertips and removing her teeth with pliers. Joel concealed his first woman’s severed head in a old paint can, and stashed the remainder of her body into garbage bags. Despite Rifkin’s complex efforts to hide the homicide, an associate of the Hopewell Valley Golf Club located the can including Susie’s head several days later. Authorities were not able to uncover the casualty’s identity, or who was responsible for the homicide.

A year later, Rifkin asserted his second casualty: hooker Julie Blackbird. Again waiting until his mom was out of town, Rifkin drove Blackbird to his Long Island house. The following morning, Rifkin beat his casualty this time using a table leg before strangling his mother. Joel dismembered the corpse as before, yet this time he put the body parts in pails weighted with concrete and tossed the remains into the East River as well as a Brooklyn canal.

Rifkin commenced his own landscaping company in 1991, and he began using the leased occupation website to stash corpses until he could correctly dispose of the victim. Among his casualties in this year were hookers Barbara Jacobs, Mary Ellen DeLuca, and Yun Lee. Rifkin would continue to strangle 17 girls, most of whom were drug addicts or prostitutes. Authorities were scarcely in a position to recognize the casualties, much less the perpetrator of the offenses. From the time Joel got home, she was wrapped in tarp and hidden in the luggage compartment.

When authorities tried to pull Rifkin over, he started a high speed pursuit instead. Panicked, police crashed his car into a utility pole before the neighborhood court house. As troopers came to the vehicle, they found a strong smell in the rear of the truck. Authorities took Rifkin into detention. Murder detectives started interrogating Rifkin on June 28, 1993. Joel described all 17 homicides, writing out the names he recalled and even sketching maps to assist authorities discover those casualties still missing. A day later, Rifkin appeared before a judge together with the plea of not guilty.

Joel received two more successive periods of 25 years to life in prison. The exact same year, after several clashes with other prisoners, prison officials determined that Rifkin’s existence in the penitentiary was tumultuous. Joel was put in solitary confinement in the Attica Correctional Facility for 23 hours a day on the span of four years.

In 2000, Rifkin tried to sue the prison for breaking his constitutional rights, saying that he shouldn’t be put into solitary confinement. The court ruled in favor of the penitentiary. Corrections officials say Rifkin is now imprisoned with more than 200 other prisoners at Clinton who will not be permitted to blend together with the overall prison population. Joel Rifkin is currently serving 203 years in the Clinton Correctional Facility. He’s entitled to parole in 2197, in age 238.

Joel Rifkin Biography

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