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Joan Crawford Biography

Performing Career (TV14; 2:40) Joan Crawford has become a Hollywood star with an acting career that crosses many memorable characters.
Produced on March 23, 1905, in San Antonio, Texas, Joan Crawford started dancing in a youthful age, and went to play in tons of movies. She expired on May 10, 1977, in nyc.

JoanCrawford parents separated before she was born, and her mom afterwards married theatre owner Harry Cassin. Crawford would come to be known as Billie Cassin growing up, and occasionally throughout of her entertainment profession.

After Crawford’s mom and stepfather schism, Crawford attended two private schools, where she worked around the assumptions to cover tuition while also being handled severely, receiving corporal punishment for perceived misdeeds. Due to Crawford’s workload, she was not able to attend courses and her scholastic record was falsified.

Following a brief while at Stephens College, Crawford left to continue a dancing career, a pastime to which she had dedicated herself. Joan Crawford finally danced in the Broadway show Innocent Eyes, as well as in 1925 began to work onscreen for MGM. Joan Crawford starred in several silent films with this era and was given the name “Joan Crawford” from a magazine competition sponsored by the studio. The celebrity hit it big using the smash Our Dancing Daughters (1928), where she played a wealthy, lovelorn girl who adores to Charleston.

A prolific and long lasting movie career was to follow, with Crawford finally going to star in over five dozen movies. Joan Crawford took on speaking characters with jobs like Hollywood Revue (1929) and Grand Hotel (1932), and her dancing abilities were conspicuously shown with Fred Astaire in the 1933 success Dancing Lady. Clark Gable was likewise featured, and was a recurring costar in works like Possessed (1931) and Strange Cargo (1940).

Crawford was a important, top-earning star of the 1930s, though by the close of the decade, her pictures were encountering with small success. The movie received several Academy Award nominations, and Crawford won for best performer.

Crawford would receive two more Oscar nominations over time, one for her part as a schizophrenic nurse in a different movie by the name Possessed (1947), as well as one other as a playwright in the thriller Sudden Fear (1952), which she had additionally made. Joan Crawford became known to get a steadfast commitment to her career as well as a readiness to accommodate to various vehicles while cultivating a fan base.

Crawford later starred in other thrillers and did television work. Herself also composed the 1971 memoir My lifestyle.

Joan Crawford died of a heart attack on May 10, 1977, in nyc, leaving a multifaceted picture legacy that will inspire evaluation for a long time in the future.

Crawford was married four times, with three unions to performers, one of whom was Douglas Fairbanks Jr. In 1956, Joan Crawford wed Alfred Steele, chairman of Pepsi Cola.

Crawford adopted four kids, one of whom, Christina, composed the 1978 memoir Mommie Dearest, where she writes of putting up with exceptionally unpredictable and violent behaviour from her mom during youth. The novel was adapted into a 1981 movie starring Faye Dunaway as Crawford.

Joan Crawford Biography

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