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Jimmy Swaggart Biography

Full nameJimmy Lee Swaggart
Know asJimmy Swaggart, Swaggart, Jimmy
Birth placeFerriday, Louisiana, U.S.
Birth date1935-03-15
Age85 years, 0 month, 17 days
Star signPisces
OccupationTelevangelist, preacher, singer, musician, author
SpouseFrances Swaggart

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Jimmy Lee Swaggart Biography:

In 1952, he joined his dad’s recently formed ministry. In 1962, he recorded the gospel record God Took Away My Yesterdays. In 1968, he established a national radio program known as The Camp Meeting Hour. His empire started to unravel in 1987, when his adulterous relationships were uncovered.

Throughout his teens, Swaggart and his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis rebelled from their spiritual surroundings by frequenting local rhythm and blues nightclubs, where they rapidly developed reputations for his or her piano playing skill. During the the next couple of years, Swaggart fought against the needs of his family’s fundamentalist Pentecostal beliefs and his love for music.

In 1952, he joined his dad’s recently formed ministry, where he met and married fellow parishioner Frances Anderson. After joining an organization of itinerant preachers, the couple spent the the next couple of years traveling throughout the South.

In 1962, together with assistance from the now-famed Lewis, Swaggart recorded the gospel record God Took Away My Yesterdays. Impressive record sales coupled using a growing congregation determined Swaggart to form his own record label. With yearly records that contained the bestselling records This Can Be Merely What Heaven Means to Me and There’s a River, he continued to attract bigger and more varied audiences.

In 1968, Swaggart moved to Baton Rogue, where he established a national radio program known as The Camp Meeting Hour. Swaggart’s success on radio inspired him to try his hand in the a whole lot more successful medium of television. The show reached and audience of two million, becoming the highest rated spiritual program in The United States.

In the peak of his popularity, Swaggart was a star in the gospel circuit, having a lavish lifestyle to fit. With contributions from his faithful parishioners, Swaggart could fund a Bible college, print plant, recording studio, television production facility, and church chancel, along with a $2.5 million estate that placed his fleet of high-priced automobiles. His ministry also possessed a private jet to get a time at the same time, in line with the La Times.

Swaggart’s empire started to unravel in 1987, when the national spotlight fell on his adulterous relationships with various hookers. As satisfactory signs of Swaggart’s numerous sexual affairs surfaced, the Assemblies of God stripped him of his ministerial certificate. Despite a tearful confession to his family and congregation, his prompt efforts to escape ridicule and reconstruct the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries proved to be in vain.

Swaggart has since reestablished himself as a minister. Along with his son Donnie, he keeps a smaller congregation in the Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge.

Jimmy Swaggart Biography

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