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Jeffrey Skilling Biography

Full nameJeffrey Keith Skilling
Birth placePittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Birth date1953-11-25
Age66 years, 5 month, 26 days
Star signSagittarius

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Jeffrey Keith Skilling Biography:

Jeffrey Skilling, produced on November 25, 1953, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, earned his MBA from Harvard before dealing together with the company McKinsey. He joined the staff of the power firm Enron in 1990 and in several years would become chief operating officer after which CEO, working with Kenneth Lay. Both Skilling and Lay were found guilty of massive fraud in terms of the 2001 fall of the firm.

Business executive Jeffrey Keith Skilling was born on November 25, 1953, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Upon graduation, he worked for McKinsey & Company in their own power and chemical consulting practices.

In 1997, he was promoted to president and chief operating officer. He was named CEO of Enron, replacing Lay, in 2001.

Slowly but certainly, Enron constructed a house of cards, recording hoped-for future profits as real gains to be able to inflate its stock price. In August 2001, amidst the California energy crises, Skilling unexpectedly resigned and sold nearly $60 million in Enron shares. The business declared bankruptcy in December 2001.

During the time of its own collapse in December 2001, Enron’s bankruptcy was the biggest in U.S. history, costing investors billions and 20,000 workers their jobs and in many cases their life savings.

Jeffrey Skilling was fined $45 million and was now serving a 24-year, 4-month prison sentence in the Federal Correctional Institution in Waseca, Minnesota. He was subsequently moved to a prison facility in Colorado.In 2013, a national judge reduced Skilling’s term with a decade. Included in the offer, Skilling dropped his remaining appeals and turned over $40 million in restitution which was held up while Skilling pursued his appeals. In 2014, Skilling was moved to some minimum-security prison in Alabama. His lawyer, Daniel Petrocell said between the term decrease and time off for good behaviour, Skilling may be published by 2017.

He married Rebecca Carter, a former Enron executive, in March 2002.

Jeffrey Skilling Biography

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