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Jeannette Rankin Biography

Jeannette Rankin was born near Missoula, Montana on June 11, 1880. The woman expired in 1973. Jeannette Rankin made history as the very first woman to serve in the U.S. Congress. One of seven kids, the woman was the daughter of a rancher as well as a schoolteacher. After earning a diploma in biology in 1902, Rankin followed in the woman’s mom’s footsteps briefly, working as a teacher. Jeanette Rankin attempted several more careers, including seamstress and social worker.

Jeannette Rankin discovered her mother calling in the women’s suffrage movement. While residing in Washington State, her mother became active in the drive to amend that state’s constitution to grant girls the right to vote. The measure passed in 1911, and Rankin afterwards returned home to Montana to win the right to vote for the girls of her mother’s home state. Even though it was quite a close race, the women won the election, becoming the very first woman to serve in Congress. This achievement is much more amazing, considering this was a period when many girls still failed to possess the right to vote.

An ardent pacifist, Rankin voted against America entering World War I. The war resolution measure was passed by Congress 374 to 50. Throughout the war, the first woman fought for the rights of girls working in the war effort. Rankin additionally created women’s rights legislation and helped pass the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Congress, giving women the right to vote. After the women’s two-year period finished in 1919, Jeannette Rankin concentrated much of her energies on her pacifism. She afterwards became an active member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), serving in several key places.

Jeannette Rankin made a return to politics in 1939. Even the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, cannot dissuade Rankin from her pacifist position and she voted against entering the war. With this time, a lot of people ‘s antiwar opinion had given way to rage and indignation within the assault on U.S. land. Now, the war resolution passed 388 votes 1.

Leaving office in 1943, Jeannette Rankin spent much of her time traveling. She also continued to work to help her pacifist beliefs, speaking out against U.S. military actions in Korea and Vietnam. She expired on May 18, 1973, in Carmel, California. This groundbreaking politician was the sole legislator to vote against both world wars, revealing her deep devotion to pacifism. She’s also recalled for tireless efforts on behalf of women’s suffrage.

Jeannette Rankin Biography

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