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Jasmine Plummer Biography

Jasmine Plummer of Harvey, Illinois, took to playing football as a child, finally joining the Harvey Colts within the Pop Warner youth athletic organization. Her narrative was depicted in The Longshots, a movie starring Keke Palmer. Produced in the earlier half of the 1990s, Jasmine Plummer was raised in Harvey, Illinois, so when a child, took to playing football with other kids in her area. With first anxiety from her mom about taking up the sport, noting that she was not intimidated by lads considerably bigger than she was, the young sportsman was trained and mentored by her uncle, Fred Johnson. He finally signed his niece up for the leagues which are a part of Pop Warner, a nonprofit with international outreach that holds fit programs for tweens and teenagers.

Plummer was signed onto the Harvey Colts as starting quarterback for the 7-to-9-year old division. Plummer would later describe an alteration in her character when it came to football, seeing she became highly assertive and filled with volume in contrast to her quieter, off-the-field conduct. Plummer was also a leading student, having received straight A’s at her elementary school. Although the Colts lost to the Southeast Apaches, history was still made through Plummer’s attempts.

The year 2008 found the launch of the movie The Longshots, which depicted Plummer’s encounters and was directed by Fred Durst of rock group Limp Bizkit. Plummer herself was portrayed by actress/vocalist Keke Palmer, with her uncle, whose name became Curtis Plummer in the movie, played by rapper/actor Ice Cube.

“Playing quarterback, in almost any league and regardless of what age, is the most difficult position in sports,” Ice Cube said in a interview presented by ESPN’s Sam Alipour. “For Jasmine to get it done, also to take her team to the tournament despite all the challenges, everyone telling, ‘You can not do it,’ to me is unbelievable. She is an incredibly courageous and incredibly powerful woman.” She is paved the way for other female athletes, with Pop Warner’s football registration by girls doubling since Plummer’s quarterback days. Other players beyond the organization have received national interest at the same time, including Caroline Pla and Erin DiMeglio.

Jasmine Plummer Biography


  1. I love this story. Especially how she beat so many odds,and did not give up. Wonderful and educational story !

  2. As a very young lady you took the world of football and changed it as like Rosa Parks Thank you

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