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James Monroe Biography

Full nameJames Monroe
Know asMonroe, James, James Monroe
Birth date1758-04-28
Lived73 years, 2 month, 6 days
WorkArticles related to James Monroe
EducationThe College of William & Mary
SpouseElizabeth Monroe
ChildrenMaria, James, Eliza

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James Monroe Biography:

James was elected the fifth president of America in 1817. He’s recalled for the Monroe Doctrine, along with for enlarging U.S land through the acquisition of Florida from Spain. Spence was a fairly wealthy planter and carpenter whose family emigrated from Scotland in the mid-1600s. First tutored by his mom in the home, James attended Campbelltown Academy between 1769 and 1774, and was an outstanding pupil.

As the eldest of several kids, James was expected to inherit his dad’s estate, but the occasions of 1774 turned his life in new ways. His dad died that year, and youthful James shortly registered at Virginia’s College of William & Mary with goals of studying law, but dropped out just months later to fight in the American Revolution. His father shortly joined the Continental Army, becoming an officer in 1776, and was part of General George Washington’s military in the Battle of Trenton, where he was badly wounded.

Following the war, James Monroe studied law under the tutorage of Thomas Jefferson, starting a lifelong personal and professional relationship. While there, he met and courted Elizabeth Kortright, the daughter of a wealthy New York merchant. The couple wed on February 16, 1786, and moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Following the 1787 Federal Convention, Monroe initially joined the anti-Federalists in opposing ratification of the recent constitution since it lacked a bill of rights. Nevertheless, Monroe and several crucial figures withheld their reservations and vowed to push for changes subsequent to the brand new government was created. Virginia narrowly ratified the Constitution, paving the method for a fresh government. In 1790, James Monroe ran for a House seat but was conquered by James Madison. Inside per year of his election, Monroe grew to become his party’s leader in the Senate.

Following the custom determined by President Washington of just serving two periods, Madison determined to not run for a third period paving the way for James Monroe to function as Democratic-Republican nominee. With little resistance in the now-fading Federalist Party, Monroe became the fifth president of America. The now started his presidency using a tour of the northern states, during which time a Boston paper described Monroe’s reception as an “Era of Good Feelings.”

The announcement was more than media hype. The United States of America could claim a success in the War of 1812 due to the advantageous peace treaty. The country ‘s market was booming as well as the sole opposing political party, the Federalists, was on life support. Throughout the initial year of Monroe’s government, he continued his outreach to the rest of the nation with successful tours in 1818 and 1819.

Following the Napoleonic Wars, which ended in 1815, a lot of Spain’s colonies in Latin America declared their autonomy. Americans welcomed this activity as validation of the spirit of Republicanism. Behind the scenes, President Monroe and Secretary of State Adams advised these new nations that America would support their attempts and open up trade relationships. Several European powers threatened to form an alliance to help Spain recover its lands, but pressure from Great Britain, who also found value in independent Latin American nations, ceased their attempts.

On December 2, 1823, Monroe officially declared to Congress what would become known as the “Monroe Doctrine.” The policy said that the Americas should be free from future European colonization, and that any interference with independent nations in the Americas would be described as a hostile action toward America.

James Monroe Biography

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