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James Hunt Biography

Full nameJames Simon Wallis Hunt
Know asJames Hunt, Hunt, James, james hunt
Birth placeBelmont, Sutton, Surrey, England, UK
Birth date1947-08-29
Lived45 years, 9 month, 17 days
Star signVirgo
Height6' 1" (1.85 m)

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James Simon Wallis Hunt Biography:

His off-track exploits became possibly better known than his racing successes, and his character consistently appeared to overshadow his racing. Hunt eventually overtook longtime opponent Niki Lauda in points in 1976 and became the winner of his sport. Reaching the peak could have taken the challenge out of the sport for him, however, and Hunt retired only two years after. He turned to broadcast medium to get a time but died at age 45 of a heart attack. By all reports, he was a rambunctious kid, at once hyperactive and rebellious. (It was disqualified prior to the race as the driver’s seat was an old lawn chair.)

By 1969, Hunt was racing frequently, but his races of the interval frequently finished in hellacious crashes. (One of them finished along with his automobile in the base of a lake.) Lord Hesketh had a bundle and liked to spend it, and fortunately for Hunt, Hesketh wished to take up a racing team.

(Hunt became known for his pre-race sex and vomiting customs.) Shortly, however, Hesketh Racing would hit Formula One (1974), and Hunt’s reputation on the track started to match his notoriety off the track. Step one toward regard for Hunt came when he conquer Niki Lauda to win the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix, a success that could result in a lifelong competition. What would not last a life was Hesketh Racing, which closed down at the end of the 1975 season, leaving Hunt out in the cold.

Hunt shortly got a position on the McLaren team, and once he could cool his hot temper and psychological driving, he began winning races, taking the very first two races of the entire year and six out of 16 Grand Prix races. With his good looks, bad boy image and winning manners, Hunt became a fan favourite, and he smoked, drank and womanized his way to the racing consciousness.

In 1976, Hunt realized his vision of taking the title as he beat Lauda in points. He raced for McLaren for two more seasons, but it appeared his better days were behind him, as well as the success he found finally reduced his fascination with the sport. He retired midseason in 1979 as well as the subsequent year took to the broadcasting booth for BBC’s Formula One coverage.

His first marriage (to model Suzy Miller) behind him, Hunt got married again and had two sons, yet this union came to a conclusion at the same time in 1989. By 1993, Hunt was able to walk down the aisle again, as well as on June 15, 1993, Helen Dyson, a girl half his age, accepted his marriage proposal. Just several hours afterwards, nevertheless, Hunt died of a massive heart attack, at age 45. In 2013, director Ron Howard brought Hunt’s story to the big screen in Rush, where celebrity Chris Hemsworth impersonates the famous racecar driver.

James Hunt Biography

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