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James Hetfield Biography

Full nameJames Alan Hetfield
Know asJames Hetfield, Hetfield, James
Birth placeDowney, California, United States
Birth date1963-08-03
Age56 years, 7 month, 29 days
Star signLeo
OccupationMusician, songwriter, producer, the table
Height6' 1" (1.85 m)

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James Alan Hetfield Biography:

The group with subterranean origins became a multi-platinum act known for records like Ride the Lightning, Metallica, Load and St. Anger as good as singles like “Fuel” and “Turn the Page.” By 2013, Hetfield as well as the group had won eight Grammy Awards.

The son of rigorous Christian scientists, James Hetfield was an outsider in high school, that was just exacerbated after his mom’s death from cancer.

Hetfield discovered a kindred heavy metal nature in drummer Lars Ulrich, who’d put an advertisement in the paper looking for anyone to jam with. The two formed the clear-cut heavy metal group Metallica in October 1981.Bassist Cliff Burton and guitarist Dave Mustaine later joined.

Though Hetfield did not initially plan on being the frontman for Metallica, the job he won by default now defines the group. The heavy metal group was rejected by various record labels because of their aggressive sound, which resulted in their supervisors found their particular label particularly for the launch of Metallica’s album. Even though it turned out to be a dangerous choice, the launch of Metallica’s debut album, ‘Kill Em All, in 1983 proved to achieve success.

As the group’s popularity continued to grow, they started touring in 1986 to market their third album, Master of Puppets. While travelling on the tour bus, disaster struck as the bus hit a patch of black ice, resulting in bassist Burton was thrown in the bus, which later flipped over onto him, and expired. All the members were profoundly impacted by the loss of Burton, but none more so than Hetfield. Following the injury, Hetfield allegedly threatened to kill the bus driver and ran through the roads loooking for the black ice that caused the group members departure.

The next day, Metallica went back to San Francisco. Fans of the group, as well as the members of Metallica themselves, wondered if there was anything more the group could do with Burton dead. It absolutely was Ulrich who convinced the group that Burton would’ve needed them to carry on.

A couple of years after Metallica reformed to compensate for the departure of the bandmate, Hetfield and Ulrich wished to choose the group in a fresh, more mainstream, path, even when it meant going against their hardcore rebellious picture. Together with the launch of their fourth record …and Justice for All, the group released their very first music video for the 2nd single off of the record, “One.”

Despite the fact that The Black Record catapulted Metallica into a rock star standing they had never seen before, the journey there was not simple, especially for Hetfield and Ulrich. Both headstrong leaders of the group battled with each other numerous times through the making of the record.

In promotion of the latest record, Metallica went on tour with Guns ‘N Roses in 1992. Yet disaster struck once again while the group was on tour, except this time it occurred on stage. While performing in Montreal, a big fire erupted on stage as well as the sound of Hetfield’s guitar abruptly vanished.

With Hetfield and Ulrich in the vanguard, tension started to grow yet again involving the group members. Newsted determined to leave the group in 2001 after having felt stifled creatively from both Metallica originators. Two years after, the group released St. Anger, about the same time Hetfield entered rehabilitation for substance and alcohol misuse. The next year, Some Kind of Monster, a documentary film concerning the making of the record as well as the relationships among the group members, was released.

Though their eighth record flopped, Metallica’s following release, Death Magnetic (2008), brought the group back for their hardcore roots. The record set the rock stars just where they needed to be, though their 10th release, 2011’s Lulu, proved uninspiring. Hetfield afterwards verified that an 11th record was in the works, but said in May 2013 that songwriting for this job hadn’t yet started.

James Hetfield wed his wife, Francesca, in 1997. They’ve three kids together and live in Belvedere, California.

James Hetfield Biography

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