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James Farmer Biography

Full nameJames Leonard Farmer, Jr.
Know asJames Farmer, Farmer, James L., Jr.
Birth placeMarshall, Texas, USA
Birth date1920-01-12
Lived79 years, 5 month, 28 days
Star signCapricorn
OccupationCivil rights activist
SpouseLula Peterson
ParentsPearl Houston

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James Leonard Farmer, Jr. Biography:

Produced on January 12, 1920, in Marshall, Texas, James Farmer was a star school debater before going to head the Congress for Racial Equality, which will become among the very obvious organizations of the Civil Rights era. A devotee of Gandhi’s nonviolent strategies, Farmer also formed the historical Freedom Rides, which lead to interstate journey desegregation. He expired on July 9, 1999.

His mom was a teacher and his dad a minister who had been also the very first African American citizen to earn a doctorate in the state. Encircled by literature and learning, the youthful Farmer was an outstanding pupil, missing mark and being a freshman at Wiley College in 1934 in the age of 14. While there he continued to shine included in the debate team, and his eloquence and storytelling skills would afterwards be heard nationwide as an adult.

(Farmer’s life as a star school orator was impersonated in the Denzel Washington-directed movie The Great Debaters, where Farmer Jr. was played by Denzel Whitaker and his dad by Forest Whitaker, with no real life relationship between the two performers.)

Formerly considering a vocation in medicine, Farmer subsequently believed he’d follow in his father’s footsteps and take up ministerial work, earning his divinity degree from Howard University in 1941. While there he learned concerning the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. Farmer examined much of Gandhi’s doctrines and also would apply the leader’s thoughts of nonviolent civil resistance to U.S. racial desegregation.

Choosing to not invent a career in religion either, Farmer proved to be a conscientious objector during the Second World War and worked together with the Fellowship of Reconciliation from the early 1940s. Living in Chicago, Illinois, he was likewise a TV screenwriter and magazine scribe. Farmer was in a first union with Winnie Christie from 1945 to ’46, as well as in 1949 married Lula A. Petersen, with whom he had two kids.

Dedicated to racial harmony, Farmer, his pal George Houser and a multiracial band of co-workers determined that they’d desegregate a Chicago eatery by means of a 1942 sitin. They therefore formed the Committee of Racial Equality, together with the name after becoming the Congress of Racial Equality. With Farmer elected national chairman, CORE developed a largely white North-based membership with various chapters, yet would finally find itself becoming intensely involved with the South.

Farmer had some intervals from the business, just by means of the Civil Rights Movement making headlines with historic opinions and activities, he was elected to become national director of CORE in February 1961. Farmer worked on establishing the Freedom Rides together with the aim of challenging segregation on intestate bus journey, which had technically been declared prohibited in 1946 and which CORE had taken actions upon formerly.

The initial ride was established in May of 1961, using the bus firebombed upon reaching Alabama after traveling through several states. CORE, also in the helm of hiring-established demonstrations in the North, continued its leading work in the South, with Farmer being targeted for his direction and jailed and three CORE-associated workers killed in Mississippi in 1964.

Farmer eventually stepped down from leading CORE in the mid-1960s. His novel Freedom When? He afterwards worked in the government of President Richard Nixon, though he left in discouragement. More than a decade after he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Bill Clinton. Farmer was suffering considerably from diabetes during his later years. He expired on July 9, 1999, in Fredericksburg, Virginia, in the age of 79.

James Farmer Biography

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