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James Clark Biography

Full nameAndrew James Clark

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Andrew James Clark Biography:

At Stanford, he developed a software known as the Geometry Engine. He began Silicon Graphics Inc. in 1981 before stopping the business in 1994. Exactly the same day, he and Marc Andreessen consented to start Netscape. It had been sold to America Online in 1999, but Clark had already began a brand new endeavor by then, Healtheon, which will shortly unite with WebMD.

From his poverty stricken youth in Texas, Jim Clark rose to become among the very well-known and successful high tech entrepreneurs on the planet. Produced in 1944, Clark was a strong willed boy having a rebellious streak that became more marked after his parents divorced when he was 14. By age 16, he had had enough. After getting his Ph.D., he had trouble locating his feet. He attempted teaching, subsequently consulting, then instructing again, this time as an associate professor at Stanford University.

At Stanford, he developed a software known as the Geometry Engine which created three dimensional computer images. He left academia in 1981 to begin Silicon Graphics Incorporated with $25,000 he borrowed from a buddy. By 1986,the firm had sales of $40 million and had revolutionized the design procedure for everything from bridges and planes to special effects for films, including Terminator 2 (1991) and Jurassic Park (1993). As the business grew, investors brought in more traditional management who set the reins on Clark’s freewheeling fashion. Clark, rumored with an explosive mood, felt stifled. In 1994, he quit the business and sold his stock.

Exactly the same day he stepped down, Clark sent an e-mail to Marc Andreessen, a current grad of the University of Illinois who’d developed a Web browser called Mosaic in a period when most folks did not understand the Web existed. Clark and Andreessen consented to establish a brand new business dedicated to Web applications, and Netscape was born. The firm had a fantastic impact, immediately mastering the unfledged browser marketplace and frightening business giant Microsoft into altering its corporate focus.

Netscape was sold to America Online in 1999, but Clark had already began a brand new endeavor by then, a web-based health advice service for physicians. Called Healtheon, the organization became the largest IPO (Initial Public Offering) of the entire year in 1999. Early investor interest in the firm suggested that Clark had successfully established three important technology startups in significantly less than two decades. In July of 1999, Clark united Healtheon with WebMD, another successful on-line health newsgroup. The publication also detailed how and why Clark instigated the on-going governmental antitrust trial against Microsoft.

James Clark Biography

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