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James Buchanan Biography

Full nameJames Buchanan
Know asJames Buchanan, Buchanan, James, James butcheek
Birth placeCove Gap, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Birth date1791-04-23
Lived77 years, 1 month, 8 days
WorkArticles related to James Buchanan
EducationDickinson College

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James Buchanan Biography:

James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States of America, was created in Cove Gap, Pennsylvania, in 1791. Buchanan was the only U.S. president from Pennsylvania, and the only one to stay a lifelong bachelors. Buchanan died in 1868 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

His dad, James Sr., was a well to do merchant and farmer, and his mother, Elizabeth, intelligent and well read. As a young lad, Buchanan was trained in the Old Stone Academy in his hamlet, and afterwards, Dickinson College, where he was almost suspended for poor behaviour before ultimately graduating in 1809. After graduating from school, Buchanan moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he studied law, and, in 1812, he was accepted to the bar. Soon afterwards, President enlisted in the military from the beginning of the War of 1812 and participated in the defense of Baltimore.

In 1832, when Andrew Jackson was elected to his second term as president, he made Buchanan as his envoy to Russia, a place in which Buchanan additionally demonstrated his aptitude as a diplomat. In 1834 Buchanan returned to America and won a seat in Senate as a Democrat, a place he’d hold for the next ten years, until, in 1845, he stepped down to serve as James K. Polk’s secretary of state, a place he used to further an expansionist plan.

In his inaugural address, Buchanan, who’d won, in no little part, because of the support he’d garnered in the southern states, reiterated a belief that had been among the most important working stages of his effort: that slavery was a issue for states and territories to determine, not the government. JamesBuchanan , 15th went to indicate the issue was one that could be readily worked out, both “speedily and finally.” Historians have mentioned these comments as indicative of Buchanan’s essential mistake of the matter. Soon after his inauguration, the Dred Scott decision was given, basically saying the federal government had no right to exclude slavery in the territories. Around now, Buchanan additionally tried to resolve the slavery dispute in Kansas, so that it may agree on a constitution and be accepted to the Union.

From the conclusion of Buchanan’s presidency, the slavery problem threatened to tear the nation apart. Despite Buchanan’s efforts to prevent it, on December 20, 1860, South Carolina became the very first state to secede. By February 1861, six more states followed suit as well as the Confederate States of America was formed. When Buchanan left office on March 3, 1861, to retire to his estate beyond Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he left the country on the verge of civil war.

In his retirement, Buchanan dedicated much of his time to defending his management of events resulting in the Civil War, that he was finally blamed. In 1866 he published a memoir, where he placed blame for the war on abolitionists and Republicans. The novel was blown off, and Buchanan pulled away into seclusion. United expired on June 1, 1868, in age 78, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and was buried in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In 1819, Buchanan became engaged to Ann Caroline Coleman, the daughter of a rich iron mogul. Their betrothal was an unhappy one, yet, and amidst rumors that Buchanan was seeing other girls, Coleman broke off the engagement. One died soon afterwards, leaving Buchanan brokenhearted, and her family to attribute him for her departure, to the stage they would not let him attend her funeral. Buchanan vowed to never wed, and he never did. When Buchanan eventually won the presidency, his niece Harriet Lane assumed the duties of first lady. James Buchanan is the only bachelor president in U.S. history.

James Buchanan Biography

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