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Jacques Cartier Biography

Full nameJacques Cartier
Know asJacques Cartier, Cartier, Jacques
Birth placeSt. Malo, Brittany
Birth date1491-12-31
Lived65 years, 8 month, 1 days
OccupationFrench navigator and explorer

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Jacques Cartier Biography:

His quest of the St. Lawrence River enabled France to lay claim to lands that would become Canada. He died in Saint Malo in 1557. Produced in Saint Malo, France on December 31, 1491, Jacques Cartier apparently explored the Americas, especially Brazil, before making three leading North American ocean trips. In 1534, King Francis I of France sent Cartier—probably because of his previous expeditions—on a new excursion to the eastern shore of North America, subsequently called the “northern lands.” On a voyage that will add him to the set of well-known explorers, Cartier was to seek out gold and other wealth, spices, as well as a passage to Asia.

Cartier sailed on April 20, 1534, with two boats and 61 men, and arrived 20 days after. He explored the west shore of Newfoundland, found Prince Edward Island and sailed through the Gulf of St. Lawrence, previous Anticosti Island. Two Indians Cartier had caught formerly now functioned as guides, and he and his guys voyaged the St. Lawrence, as far as Quebec, and created a base.

Before they are able to continue, however, the brutal winter drifted in, rapids made the river impassable, and Cartier and his men managed to anger the Iroquois. So Cartier waited until springtime, when the river was free of ice, and got a few of the Iroquois leaders before again returning to France. Due to his hasty getaway, Cartier was just in a position to report to the king that untold wealth lay further west and a great river, said to be about 2,000 miles long, potentially led to Asia.

In May of 1541, Cartier departed on his third voyage with five boats. He’d by now left the concept of locating a passage to the Orient, and was sent to set up a permanent settlement across the St. Lawrence River on behalf of France. Several colonists was a month or two behind him this time. In the springtime, not waiting for the colonists to arrive, Cartier left the base and sailed for France. Cartier, nevertheless, had other plans; instead of heading to Quebec, he sneaked away through the night time and returned to France.

There, his “gold” and “diamonds” were discovered to be useless, as well as the colonists left plans to found a settlement, returning to France after experiencing their first bitter winter. While credited with all the quest of the St. Lawrence area, Cartier’s reputation has been tarnished by his transactions with the Iroquois and desertion of the incoming colonists as he fled the New World.

Jacques Cartier Biography

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