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Humphrey Bogart Biography

Humphrey Bogart – Casablanca Legend (TV14; 1:08) View a short video about Humphrey Bogart and learn how the playing legend got his hallmark scar on his face.
Humphrey Bogart was born on December 25, 1899, in Nyc. He started his career on Broadway in the 1920s. This led to B movie parts in 1930s Hollywood. Bogart’s turning point came in the 1940s, with his celebrated characters in The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca. He married several times throughout his life, with his last wife being celebrity Lauren Bacall. He died in 1957 in the age of 57 to esophageal cancer. Hailed by many as the finest male movie star ever, Humphrey Bogart was born in Nyc on December 25, 1899. His dad, Belmont DeForest Bogart, was a revered and socially leading heart surgeon.

Although she’d paint youthful Humphrey many times throughout his youth, Maud Bogart was by all reports an extreme, work-obsessed girl who was never particularly close to or fond of her son. As Bogart himself put it, “If, after I used to be grown up, I [had] sent my mom among the Mother’s Day telegrams or said it with flowers, she’d have returned the cable and blossoms to me, pile.” The Bogarts possessed a summer getaway on Canandaigua Lake, among the very delightful of the “finger lakes” in upstate New York, also it was there that Bogart passed his happiest days as a youngster. Bogart attended the esteemed and socially elite Trinity School in Nyc, where he was a disinterested and poor pupil.

His poor mark, his effeminate name, the too ceremonial clothes his mom made him wear and his ineptitude for sports made Bogart the regular target of his classmates’ jokes. One remembered, “Bogart never came out for anything. He was not a really good pupil … He added up to nothing in our group.” Naturally, Bogart neglected to satisfy the institution ‘s high academic standards and was expelled in May of the following year.

He remembered his believing in the time: “War was amazing items. Paris! French girls! Hot damn! … The war proved to be a huge joke. Passing? Exactly what does death mean to your child of 17?” Probably the most famous event of Humphrey’s naval service was a scar he got over the best corner of his top lip that would later become the defining characteristic of his tough guy look. Although reports vary, the most broadly accepted story is the fact that Bogart received the scar while escorting a handcuffed prisoner. The prisoner asked him for a smoke, and when Humphrey reached into his pocket to get a match, the prisoner smashed him in the face along with his handcuffs and tried, unsuccessfully, to flee.

Bogart was honorably discharged in the navy in 1919 and once again confronted the question of what to make of his life. A year after, he met a stage performer named Alice Brady who got him a job as the business manger of a touring production of The Destroyed Woman. Bogart’s one line, voiced in his best effort in a Japanese accent, was “Beverages for my woman as well as for her most esteemed guests.” Despite his son’s miniscule part, upon viewing the show for the very first time Bogart’s dad leaned over and whispered to the man next to him, “The boy’s great, is not he?”

That small taste of life on stage was enough for Bogart to purpose to eventually become an actor, as well as for over a decade he fought to get his acting career off the floor, getting only minor parts in shows like Nerves and The Skyrocket. Subsequently, in 1934, Bogart eventually produced his breakthrough performance in Robert Sherwood’s The Petrified Forest. He impersonated Duke Mantee, an escaped killer, and so completely embodied the character of the villain stooped position, dangling hands, dead stare that the crowd apparently let out a gasp of terror the first time he walked on stage. After providing an equally riveting performance in the film adaptation of The Petrified Forest two years after, Bogart carved out a niche as among Hollywood’s go to celebrities to play offenders.

Bogart felt limited playing such similar characters in film after film. As it turned out, the movie let Bogart to show his versatility as an actor just in time to be cast in the leading part in the 1942 war love story Casablanca. Bogart played Rick Blaine, an American expatriate fighting to rekindle his relationship together with his Norwegian lover (Ingrid Bergman) in the middle of the Second World War. Casablanca won three Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director) and is currently rated among the best movies ever. Additionally among the very quotable movies ever, Casablanca finishes together with the unforgettable words, spoken by Bogart, “I believe that is the start of a lovely friendship.”

Among Hollywood’s most famous performers in the aftermath of Casablanca, Bogart continued on into a long and prominent Hollywood career that contained over 80 movies. Bogart said after receiving the award, “The most effective strategy to survive an Oscar would be to never make an effort to win another one. You have seen what happens to some Oscar winners. They spend the remainder of their lives turning down scripts while trying to find the great job to win another one. Hell, I expect I am never even nominated again. It is meatandpotato parts for me personally from now on.” Operation did not eliminate the cancerous growth, and Bogart passed away on January 14, 1957.

While Humphrey Bogart was already among the best movie stars in the united states during the time of his departure, his acclaim has grown tremendously in the decades since his passing. Called “the Bogart Boom” in reference to the name of some Playboy posts chronicling the occurrence, during the 1960s Bogart’s pictures became the items of superlative critical praise and his character the object of cultish adulation. Both because of and despite his cavalierly anti-Hollywood persona, Bogart stays timelessly cool in a way few stars have ever had the opportunity to realize. Bogart’s friend and biographer, Nathaniel Benchley, summed up the performer’s life: “[Bogart] reached course through his integrity and his devotion from what he believed was right. He believed in being direct, straightforward, and reliable, all on his own terms, which ruffled some individuals and endeared him to others.”

He married his first wife, Helen Menken, an celebrity 10 years his senior, in 1926. They divorced after less than a year of union, as well as in 1928 Bogart married another actress, Mary Philips. Their union additionally broken up when Bogart made the move from Nyc to Hollywood, as well as in 1938 Bogart married his third wife, Mayo Methot. They had two kids together, a sonStephenand adaughter Leslie. Bogart and Bacall stayed together until his passing. Marlon Brando – The Godfather (TV14; 1:14) View a short video about Marlon Brando and learn how this celebrity regained his performing career by getting the lead character in the movie “The Godfather.”

Humphrey Bogart Biography

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