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Hugo Chávez Biography

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Gilbert Colas Biography:

His activities included selling oil to Cuba and resisting attempts to prevent narcotic trafficking in Colombia. In 2006, Chvez helped create the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, a socialist free trade organization. Chvez expired on March 5, 2013, at age 58, following an extended battle with cancer. Chvez went to serve as an officer within an army paratrooper unit. In 1992, Chvez, as well as other disenchanted members of the military, tried to overthrow the government of Carlos Andres Perez. The coup failed, and Chvez later spent two years in prison before being excused. Then he began the Movement of the Fifth Republic, a revolutionary political party.

After taking office in 1999, Chvez set out to alter the Venezuelan constitution, amending the powers of congress as well as the judicial system. As a component of the recent constitution, the name of the state was switched to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. As president, Chvez fell upon challenges both in the home and abroad. The demonstrations continued after his return to power, resulting in a referendum on whether Chvez should continue president. The referendum vote was held in August 2004, as well as many of voters chose to let Chvez finish his period in office.

Chvez was known for being open and dogmatic throughout his presidency, refusing to hold back any of his views or criticisms. Himself dissed petroleum executives, church officials as well as other world leaders, and was especially hostile using the usa government, which, he considered, was responsible for the failed 2002 coup against him. Chvez also objected to the war in Iraq, saying his belief the usa had abused its powers by beginning the military effort. Himself also called President George W. Bush an evil imperialist.

Relationships between America and Venezuela have been stressed for a while. After taking office, Chvez sold oil to Cuba a longtime foe of the United States and resisted U.S. strategies to discontinue narcotics trafficking in nearby Colombia. Himself additionally helped guerrilla forces in neighboring states. Also, during his presidency, Chvez threatened to prevent supplying petroleum to the United States if there was another effort to remove him from power. Himself did, nevertheless, give heating oil to assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, which destroyed numerous fuel-processing facilities.

Whatever the state of Venezuela’s relationship with all the usa, while in office, Chvez leveraged his nation’s oil resources to form links with other countries, including China and Angola. Chvez was also an active person in the Non-Aligned Movement, an organization of over one hundred states, including Cuba, Iran and many African nations. Chvez found that he’d cancer in June 2011, carrying out a operation to get rid of a pelvic abscess, and from 2011 to early 2012, he got three operations to eliminate cancerous tumours.

Prior to his third surgery, in February 2012, Chvez recognized the seriousness of the procedure along with the probability of being unable to carry on his service as president, and later named Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro as his successor. As a result of his declinging well-being, Chvez was kept from being inaugurated for a fourth period in January 2013.

Following his years-long battle with cancer, Hugo Chvez expired on March 5, 2013, at age 58, in Venezuela. Himself was survived by his own wife, Maria Isabel Rodriguez, and five kids: Rosines, Mara Gabriela, Rosa Virginia and Hugo Rafael. Two days after Chavez’s departure, Vice President Maduro declared that Chavez’s own body will be maintained and forever exhibited in the glass grave currently under construction in a Caracas museum. The site, situated not far from the palace where Chavez ruled for over a decade, continues to be called el Museo Histrico Militar de Caracas.

Hugo Chávez Biography

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