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Hervé Villechaize Biography

Full nameHervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize
Star signTaurus
Height3' 11" (1.19 m)

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Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize Biography:

Shunned by his peers due to his dwarfism, Villechaize devoted himself to artwork. He started playing in Nyc, appearing in little movies until his breakout performance in a 1974 James Bond hit. Villechaize subsequently starred as Tat on the television show Fantasy Island. He committed suicide in La, California, on September 4, 1993.

He was of English and Filipino tradition. At his mature stature, Villechaize stood less than four feet tall as a result of proportionate dwarfism state. In 1964, Villechaize departed France for America. He moved to The Big Apple, educating himself English by watching television. His first roles were in off Broadway productions, including a play by Sam Shepard.

In 1966, Herv Villechaize enlarged his performing repertoire having a character in the movie Chappaqua. 3 years after, he appeared in Item 72-D, followed by films including Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood and Seizure, the initial movie by director Oliver Stone. Not one of those characters translated into significant income for the performer. By 1974, Villechaize was living in his car in La, lacking the steady work required to lease an apartment. As well as playing he accepted odd jobs, including a post as a rat catcher’s helper.

Monetary help came in 1974 when Villechaize earned a character in The Man with the Golden Gun, a James Bond film starring Roger Moore. The movie fostered his profession, giving many added movie and television offers. The show was a success. The airplane!”

Popular together with the general public, Villechaize was considered tough on the set. Battling repeatedly with producers, he was eventually fired in 1983 over a salary dispute. Villechaize stayed a well known figure in popular culture after his termination in the show, appearing as himself in films as well as on television.

Along with his movie career, Villechaize was actively involved with a effort to eradicate child abuse. He’d regularly travel to crime scenes in the La region, arriving with the first responders. Villechaize would then face the abusers and try to comfort the victims.

Villechaize shot and killed himself in La, California, on the morning of September 4, 1993. He was found by his girlfriend and expired in the hospital as an effect of his injuries. His suicide note suggested that long-term health problems had driven him to suicide. Villechaize had tried suicide several times before his departure. The performer had faced several legal issues toward the conclusion of his life. He was detained again a year after over an altercation involving among his ex wives.

Hervé Villechaize Biography

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