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Henry Ford Biography

Full nameHenry Ford
Know asFord, Henry, Henry Ford
Birth placeDearborn Township, Wayne County, Michigan, USA
Birth date1863-07-30
Lived83 years, 8 month, 8 days
Star signLeo
WorkChief Executive Officer of the Ford Motor Company
OccupationFounder of Ford Motor, business magnate, engineering
Height5' 10" (1.78 m)
SpouseClara Jane Bryant
ParentsWilliam Ford and Mary Ford

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Henry Ford Biography:

Produced on July 30, 1863, near Dearborn, Michigan, Henry Ford created the Ford Model T automobile in 1908 and went to develop the assembly line form of creation, which revolutionized the business. Because of this, Ford sold numerous automobiles and became a world-renowned firm head. The firm lost its market dominance but had a long-term effect on additional technological development and U.S. infrastructure.

When Ford was 13 years old, his dad gifted him a pocket watch, which the youthful lad quickly took apart and reassembled. Friends as well as neighbors were impressed, and requested that he mend their timepieces also. In the years that followed, he’d learn to skillfully use and service steam engines, and also would additionally study bookkeeping. In 1893, his natural abilities earned him a promotion to chief engineer.

Every one of the while, Ford developed his plans to get a horseless carriage, as well as in 1896, he built his first model, the Ford Quadricycle. Within the exact same year, he attended a meeting with Edison executives and discovered himself presenting his car strategies to Thomas Edison. The light expert supported Ford to create a second, better version.

After having several trials assembling automobiles and businesses, in 1903, Henry Ford created the Ford Motor Company. Ford introduced the Model T in October of 1908, as well as for many years, the firm posted 100 percent increases. Yet, more than for his gains, Ford became famous for his revolutionary vision: the production of an affordable car produced by skilled workers who bring in steady wages.

Concurrently, he introduced the $5-per-day wage ($110 in 2011) as a way of keeping the top workers faithful to his business. Easy to drive and economical to fix, half of cars in The United States in 1918 were Model T’s. From a societal standpoint, Henry Ford’s was marked by apparently contradictory views. In operation, Ford offered profit sharing to choose workers who remained with all the firm for half a year and, most important, who ran their lives in a respectable manner.

The organization ‘s “Social Department” looked into an employee’s drinking, gaming and otherwise uncouth actions to ascertain qualifications for contribution. Ford was also an ardent pacifist and fought World War I, even financing a peace boat to Europe. Afterwards, in 1936, Ford and his family created the Ford Foundation to offer on-going grants for research, instruction and development. Ford, considered one of America’s leading businessmen, is credited today for helping to develop America’s market through the country ‘s exposed early years. His legacy will live on for decades in the future.

Henry Ford Biography

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