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Heath Ledger Biography

Full nameHeath Andrew Ledger
Know asHeath Andrew Ledger, Heath Ledger, Ledger, Heath Andrew
Birth placePerth, Western Australia, Australia
Birth date1979-04-04
Lived28 years, 9 month, 18 days
Star signAries
WorkAwards for Heath Ledger
Height6' 1" (1.85 m)
ChildrenMatilda Rose Ledger, [[#Relationships

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Heath Andrew Ledger Biography:

Heath Ledger was created on April 4, 1979, in Perth, Australia. His breakout role was in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You with Julia Stiles. In 2008, after finishing filming on Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, Ledger perished as the consequence of an inadvertent prescription drug overdose. He received a posthumous Best Actor Academy Award because of his performance as “The Joker.” Ledger had a daughter with actress Michelle Williams.

Heath Ledger was created on April 4, 1979, to mom Sally Ledger Bell, a french teacher, and dad Kim Ledger, a racecar driver and mining specialist. He and his sister, Katherine, were apparently named after two principal characters in Emily Bonte’s Wuthering Heights.

Early in life, Ledger found a fire for playing chess. It was around now that he found an fascination with being a stage performer, as he performed the lead character in Guildford Grammar School’s production of Peter Pan. Sadly, while Ledger was loving this active life of a 10 year old his parents found themselves growing apart. The exact same year, his parents would split and finally get divorced when Heath was 11. He discovered mental discharge in performing, choreography and dance and continued seeking out characters in his grammar school.

At age 16, Ledger finished his early graduation examinations, and he traveled cross country to Sydney to pursue an acting career together with his long time buddy Trevor DiCarlo. He’d worked various, small parts in television, and his feature film debut came in 1997 in the psychological play Blackrock. This resulted in a starring part in pilot show Roar; a medival dream costarring Keri Russell and backed by Financiers in America. The show was nominated for many awards and exposed Ledger to American audiences and Fox executives. On the urging of then-girlfriend Liza Zane (who also appeared in the show,) Heath sought out an American representative and followed Zane back to La in the age of 19.

In 1999, he was totally exposed to a global audience along with his breakout role opposite Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You. The movie was a cult success among younger audiences. Despite his youthful age and relative inexperience, he was shortly beating out the Hollywood elite for leading roles in hit movies. His ability was examined in the low funding Monster’s Ball (2000) opposite Billy Bob Thorton. And the highly experimental A Knight’s Tale (2001) shown Ledger’s skills as a true leading man.

He worked steadily on many separate movies unitl 2005 when he was once again thrust into the limelight along with his contribution to among the very most controversial movies to date. Ledger received “Best Celebrity of 2005” awards from the New York Film Critics Circle as well as the San Francisco Film Critics Circle because of his performance in Brokeback Mountain.

It was around the set of Brokeback Mountain that Ledger met actress Michelle Williams. The two started a whirlwind relationship, as well as their daughter (Matilda Rose) was created on October 28, 2005 in Nyc. Matilda Rose’s godparents are Ledger’s Brokeback co-star Jake Gyllenhaal and Williams’ Dawson’s Creek (1998 03) castmate Busy Philipps. In September 2007, Williams’ dad, Larry Williams, supported to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph that Ledger and Williams had stopped their relationship.

According to police reports, Wolozin used Ledger’s cell phone to telephone Ledger’s buddy, Mary-Kate Olsen, for help.

Emergency medical technicians arrived at Ledger’s flat at 3:33 p.m., but were unable to revive him.

Shortly after Ledger’s departure reached the news, erroneous reports started to surface, promising the flat he was in belonged to Mary-Kate Olsen. Olsen didn’t and had never possessed the flat, yet. It was afterwards reported by People magazine that Diana Wolozin (who discovered Ledger unconscious) had called Olsen before calling authorities because Olsen and Ledger were casually dating in the months before his passing.

He discussed the issue which he was having with impersonating The Joker in Batman sequel The Dark Knight (2008), a character he described as a “psychopathic, mass-killing, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy.”

“Last week I probably slept a mean of two hours a night,” Ledger told the Times. “I could not quit thinking. My body was exhausted and my head was still going.” It’s thought the young star’s departure was due to an overdose of the sleep aid, along with various other prescription drugs discovered in his system postmortem. The coroner report ruled his death an injury.

Before his unfortunate passing, Heath Ledger finished filming The Dark Knight, as well as the hit that has been rumored to have been Heath Ledger’s Oscar winning performance opened in U.S. theatres on July 18, 2008. The movie grossed more than $400 million in 18 days.

During the time of his departure, Ledger was filming Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009). Scenes that set Ledger in a realistic universe was finished in London. After his passing, Ledger’s character was recast to own new performers impersonate his “physically transformed variants” in a magical world, including Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell. The movie is set to premier in 2009.

Ledger was posthumously given a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor because of his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight.

Heath Ledger Biography

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