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Greg Louganis Biography




Produced in San Diego, California in 1960, Greg Louganis started a outstanding diving profession while in school and went to win a record 47 national and 13 world championships. Among the all time best athletes in his sport, diver Greg Louganis faced many personal challenges before winning Olympic gold. Louganis had a troublesome relationship with his dad who could be physically violent. He also endured in the hands of his peers who picked on him for his dyslexia as well as for his skin color. (One of his birth parents is of Samoan roots.) Luckily, the youthful Louganis shortly found something that he excelled at. He’d already taken dancing and gymnastics classes and then began to take his acrobatic moves in a brand new way in his family’s pool. He wowed the judges in the 1971 Junior Olympics two years later, earning an ideal score of 10 during this national contest.

Greg Louganis Biography