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Grace Kelly Biography

Full nameGrace Patricia Kelly
Know asGrace Patricia Kelly, Grace Kelly, Kelly, Grace, Gratia Patricia Kelly, Gratia Patricia, Gratia Patricia
Birth placePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Birth date1929-11-12
Lived52 years, 10 month, 2 days
Star signScorpio
WorkDuchess of Valentinois
Height5' 6½" (1.69 m)
SpouseRainier III, Prince of Monaco

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Grace Patricia Kelly Biography:

She attained even greater popularity after having starred in the movie The Country Girl (1954), that she won an Academy Award for Best Actress. She married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, with whom she had three kids, in 1956. She died after having been in an automobile wreck on September 14, 1982. Nicole Kidman won the part of Kelly in the 2014 biopic Grace of Monaco.

Her dad, John Brendan “Jack” Kelly, was a successful sculler who won three Olympic gold medals within the U.S. rowing team. A self made millionaire, he possessed among the very most successful brick companies on the East Coast. Her mom, Margaret Katherine Majer, was the primary coach of women’s athletic teams in the University of Pennsylvania. Kelly was the third of four kids and was named after her dad’s sister, who died at an extremely young age.

Kelly expressed a deep love of performance in a youthful age. As well as participating in school plays and community productions, she sometimes modeled along with her mom and sister. The artwork held a leading place in the Kelly family. It had been George who after motivated his niece to continue a full time performing profession, mentoring her through her rise in Hollywood.

After high school, Kelly chose to pursue an acting career in Nyc despite her parents’ objections. According to Kellys close pal Judith Balaban Quine, Jack Kelly believed that performing was “a small cut above streetwalker.” Regardless of this, Kelly registered in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. As a pupil, she modeled part time and appeared in advertisements for Old Gold cigarettes as well as to the covers of magazines like Cosmopolitan and Redbook. Her closing performance in the Academy was in A Philadelphia Story. Years afterwards she’d reprise her character in High Society (1956), a musical version on the big screen. After graduating in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Nyc at age 19, Kelly sought a career on Broadway, but she found it rough going. Don Richardson, among her managers and teachers afterwards said, “she’d never have had a career in the theatre,” because she’d “excellent looks and design, yes, but no sung hp.”

Whether that assessment was right, Kelly shortly discovered that movie was more amenable to her abilities. In the years just following World War II, the movie and television sectors were both booming, and Kelly shortly moved to Hollywood. She’d eventually feature in 11 movies and star in over 60 television productions.

Gary Cooper found Grace Kelly around the set of her first movie, Fourteen Hours (1951), when she was 22 years old. He ordered for her to play his very young wife in High Noon (1952), an acclaimed Western that set her on the road to stardom. A year after, Kelly was offered a part in Mogambo (1953), a movie set in Kenya, starring Clark Gable and Ava Gardner.

Hitchcock considered Kelly the epitome of the femme fatale: she’d beauty, style and “sexual sophistication.” Jimmy Stewart, her costar in Rear Window, said, “She Is too perfect… She is overly gifted. She is too amazing. She is overly classy. She is overly everything but what I would like. “It wasn’t a glamorous character for Kelly, who impersonated the dowdy and neglected wife of an alcoholic. She gave a raw and uncharacteristically stripped down performance, which garnered an Oscar nomination for The Best Actress.

Only at that time in her career, Kelly was among the best paid & most respected performers in the universe. In 1955, she was requested to join the United States Delegation Committee in the Cannes Film Festival in France. If he did not create an heir, Monaco would become part of France. The prince once described his perfect bride: “I see her with long hair floating in the wind, the colour of fall leaves. Her eyes are blue or purple, with flecks of gold.” A year after, their wedding date was set. After wedding Prince Rainier on April 19, 1956, in an extremely public and elaborate service, Kelly left her performing career to be able to become Princess Consort of Monaco. She was likewise necessary to quit her American citizenship, and Prince Rainier prohibited her pictures in Monaco.

The royal couple had three kids: Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, and Princess Stphanie. Despite many efforts by filmmakers to entice Princess Grace back in the film industry, she resisted, adopting her job as a ceremonial leader of Monaco. She became quite involved in several cultural and non-profit organizations within the span of her life. Though some believe she greatly missed her performing career, she frequently spoke of the wild issues afflicting the film industry: “Hollywood amuses me. Holier than thou for the public and unholier-than-the-demon in fact.” She suffered a stroke and lost control of the car, which spun off the cliff’s edge and dropped down a 45-foot embankment. Princess Stphanie lived with minor injuries.

Grace Kelly stayed in the public eye for nearly all of her life. Her onscreen attractiveness, self confidence and puzzle enchanted the world, and her serenity and poise as Princess Consort piqued the media’s focus. Of this focus, she noted with typical wit and elegance, “The freedom of the press works in such a style that there isn’t much freedom from it.” Kelly’s quite public life is defined to be portrayed by Nicole Kidman in the movie Grace of Monaco (2014).

Grace Kelly Biography

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