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Gordon Ramsay Biography

Full nameGordon James Ramsay, Jr.
Know asGordon James Ramsay, Gordon Ramsay, (OBE), Ramsay, Gordon
Birth placeGlasgow, Scotland, UK
Birth date1966-11-08
Age53 years, 6 month, 14 days
Star signScorpio
Height6' 1½" (1.87 m)
SpouseTana Ramsay

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Gordon James Ramsay, Jr. Biography:

Produced in Scotland in 1966, chef Gordon Ramsay started several highly acclaimed eateries around the globe before being a television star in the late 1990s to the British show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. He found an American variant, Hell’s Kitchen, in 2007.

Raised in Stratford upon Avon, England, after he moved there with his family in the age of 5. Ramsay’s first love was football, and he set his sights on a professional sports career. In the age of 15, the gifted Ramsay joined the Glasgow Rangers, a professional team.

His time together with the team crossed three years until 1985, when a knee injury prematurely ended his career. Driven to start over, Ramsay returned to school to get a diploma in hotel management. After completing his studies, Ramsay put himself under the direction of a few of Europe’s top chefs.

In 1993, Ramsay struck out by himself as head chef of the recently started Aubergine in London, where over the span of three years he earned the restaurant a two star rating from Michelin. For Ramsay, more private stature followed in 1995, when he was given Newcomer of the Year in the esteemed Catey Awards, an Oscars-like occasion for the restaurant and resort company.

When the eatery’s financial backing became unstable, yet, Ramsay left Aubergine and started his own organization, Gordon Ramsay, in 1998 in London. Hailed as a destination for high end foodies, the eatery eventually received a three star rating from Michelin. The exact same year, Ramsay’s star profile was cranked up several degrees with all the launch of his first novel, Passion for Flavour.

He also added to his publication names (Passion for Seafood was printed in 1999; Chef for several Seasons appeared a year after) as well as his prize list. In 2000, he won the coveted Chef of the Year in the Catey Awards.

The success of the mini-movie eventually found a reality series by the exact same name.

The program, which matched the tongue lashing Ramsay with star understudies such as former Conservative MP Edwin Curry, instantly captivated crowds and led to another program, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, in 2004.

In May 2005, Hell’s Kitchen USA, which put aspiring restaurateurs beneath the extreme eye of the show’s host, was established on Fox. Like their British counterparts, American audiences learned to love and loathe the abrasive chef as he narrowed the area of participants down to one final victor. Evaluations soared, opening the door for an version of his other British program, Kitchen Nightmares. The show debuted on Fox in September 2007.

Ramsay’s success in the U.S. shortly led the chef to start his first American restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at The London, in New York. Today, Gordon Ramsay Holdings is a multinational corporation with eateries around the world.

Ramsay resides in South London together with his own wife, Tana, as well as their four kids.

Gordon Ramsay Biography

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