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Godfrey Barrie Biography:

Produced on July 21, 1969, in Lincoln, Nebraska, the guy called Godfrey went on to invent a job as a stand-up comic, eventually warming up crowds for The Cosby Show. The future comic known only as Godfrey was born Godfrey C. Danchimah Jr. on July 21, 1969 in Lincoln, Nebraska. His parents had emigrated from Nigeria to flee the nation ‘s Biafra War. He took to seeing classic American TV humors and after mentioned Lucille Ball, Jackie Gleason and The Three Stooges as influences on his work. He majored in psychology and played football while also showing a talent for humor. He went to work Chicago’s stand-up comedy circuit, for example, site Only For Laughs, where he initially bombed.

He moved to Nyc and got a show warming up studio audiences for The Cosby Show, receiving guidance on his livelihood from Bill Cosby himself and continuing his craft. From the mid-1990s, Godfrey was beginning to create appearances in feature films, getting his introduction role in 1996’s Original Gangstas, starring Fred Williamson, Pam Grier and Jim Brown. He was likewise featured the exact same year in Chain Reaction, an action movie with Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman.

Godfrey became a well known thing through the little screen too. In 2002, he became the newest face for the soft drink 7UP in a collection of popular advertisements. His roll of TV appearances grew hugely on the decade. Godfrey also appeared as a VH1 commentator as well as on Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, Comic View on BET and Louis C.K.’s FX situation comedy Louie. And he starred in the Denis Leary–produced pilot Bronx Warrants, which was not picked up by FX.

Godfrey has continued to develop his stand-up comedy career , and it has turned into a headlining performer at important sites. His onstage work is seen in releases like Godspeed (2008) and Black by Injury (2011), the latter having initially aired on Comedy Central. In February of 2013, Godfrey joined Shaquille O’Neal to host TruTV’s Upload, a program co starring fellow comic Gary Owen that features running comments for curated Web videos along with first clips created for the show.

Godfrey Biography

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