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Gina DeJesus Biography

Full nameGeorgina DeJesus
Star signAries

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Georgina DeJesus Biography:

Produced on April 1, 1990, in Cleveland, Ohio, Gina DeJesus became a kidnapping stat when she vanished at age 14 while walking home from school. After a nearly 10-year amount of captivity, which contained alleged beatings and starvation, DeJesus and her fellow captors were saved by neighbors in 2013.

Her tight knit family comprised daddy Felix DeJesus, mom Nancy Ruiz, sister Mayra and brother Ricardo. As a 13-year old, Gina walked the nearly 40 blocks from her house in Cleveland to Wilbur Wright Middle School, passing through commercial places combined with rundown places frequented by hookers.DeJesus’s mom had given her $1.25 to take the bus home, but Gina determined to walk—as she had many times before—retaining the cash for chewing gum and bites instead.

Because no one watched DeJesus’s abduction, an AMBER Alert was not issued after she was reported lost, which made her father angry. As time went on, the DeJesus family always worked with cops as well as the FBI to look for Gina, including post flyers around town and holding vigils with area groups. The teenager was likewise featured on the national television program America’s Most Wanted for three straight years—in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

(Recent reports have supposed that there were multiple pregnancies among the three girls, and that several possible pregnancies may have ended in miscarriage as a result of beatings and starvation.) Castro apparently covered DeJesus’s head using a bag when he raped her because he understood her family well, and because she was a buddy of his daughter’s.¬†Another dry occasion came in 2004, when Castro’s alienated son, Anthony, a journalism student, wrote about DeJesus’s disappearance and its particular effect on the city within an article which was printed in a Cleveland-area community paper.

On May 6, 2013, DeJesus and her fellow captors were saved after Castro left the home to run errands and Berry managed to flee to the front door of your home, where she cried for help; two area guys, Angel Cordero and Charles Ramsey, reacted to her screams. Berry and her 6-year old daughter, Jocelyn, were first to appear in the home, and DeJesus and Knight were freed soon afterwards—leaving their almost decade-long prison behind.

Because DeJesus was so young (14) when she was abducted, she, as well as her fellow captors, face a lengthy road to healing. Especially for DeJesus, due to being held with chains for extended stretches of time, some bones in her neck are fused, causing her limited motion.

Gina DeJesus Biography

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