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George Gurdjieff Biography

Full nameG.I. Gurdjieff
Birth placeAlexandropol, Erivan Governorate, Russian Empire [now Gyumri, Armenia]
Birth date1866-11-0
Age153 years, 5 month, 0 days

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G.I. Gurdjieff Biography:

G.I. Gurdjieff was born circa 1866 in Alexandropol (present day Armenia). There, he instructed pupils to reintegrate their religious nature using their day-to-day modern lives. Gurdjieff’s followers comprised writers P.L. Travers and Katherine Mansfield.

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, usually called G.I. Gurdjieff, was born in Alexandropol, in the Armenian area of the Russia Empire (present day Armenia). His birth date is potentially January 13, 1866—a date that’s recorded in one passport. Yet, another passport places the date as December 28, 1877, and a few close friends believed that his birth year was 1872. Gurdjieff himself was vague about his sources.

Gurdjieff’s mom was Armenian and his father was Greek. Though his dad was employed as a carpenter, he also regaled Gurdjieff and others with recitations of legends, like the epic of Gilgamesh. These stories could have spurred Gurdjieff’s later belief in the presence of historical knowledge that surpassed what was offered by science and faith.

Gurdjieff received early tutelage in the dean of the military cathedral at Kars, who had been a priest and family friend. Nevertheless, there isn’t any corroboration for Gurdjieff’s self-reported bookkeeping of his journeys between 1887 and 1911. When his journeys were over, Gurdjieff returned to Russia. Several years after, Gurdjieff settled in France, where his institute took shape once more.

From his base in the Chteau du Prieur, near Fontainebleau, Gurdjieff shared his new doctrine. He considered that guy was in an almost continuous slumber state, which individuals must work to revive themselves so that you can recover the higher consciousness they are capable of. He also averred the slumber state made individuals an easy task to control, and was thus a proponent of challenging everything.

At Fontainebleau, Gurdjieff frequently required individuals to hear his writings as they were read aloud. Individuals at the centre additionally performed exercises and dancing moves, occasionally to music made by Gurdjieff and composer Thomas de Hartmann. Gurdjieff developed a unique vocabulary of his own in a number of his writings, using words for example “blastegoklornian.” For his disciples, these words raised his feeling of profound comprehension and puzzle.

Gurdjieff continued teaching even after his Fontainebleau facility shut its doors in 1933. He stayed in Paris during the Second World War, living beneath the German occupation. On October 29, 1949, in Neuilly, France (near Paris), he perished in the approximate age of 83.

George Gurdjieff Biography

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