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Gary Gilmore Biography

Full nameFaye Robert Coffman
Know asGary Gilmore, Gilmore, Gary
Birth placeMcCamey, Texas, USA
Birth date1940-12-04
Lived36 years, 1 month, 13 days
ParentsFrank and Bessie Gilmore

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Faye Robert Coffman Biography:

Gary Gilmore was born on December 4, 1940, right into a family with the abusive and alcoholic father. Released for school, he committed a robbery and was imprisoned again. He was released on parole three years after. Executed killer. Produced Gary Mark Gilmore on December 4, 1940. Gilmore endured an unstable youth and was especially scarred with a father who had been a con man and an abusive alcoholic. He was sent to Oregon’s MacLaren Reform School for Boys for larceny, and from the time he was thirty five, he had spent more than half his life in prison.

Incredibly intelligent, Gilmore started composing poetry in prison and creating art. He was released to attend school, but was shortly back for nine years after committing a robbery. He became violent and was held in solitary confinement, where he tried suicide. Gilmore started writing to your cousin in Utah, Brenda Nicol, who felt Gilmore deserved another opportunity. Nearly instantly, it became clear that he was not able to maintain employment or function in society.

Over two days in 1976, Gilmore shot two guys (a gas station attendant as well as a motel clerk) in cold blood during robberies. He was turned in by Nicol, whom he’d called after injuring his own hand through the next homicide. His October trial lasted just two days, and he was sentenced to death. Offered a choice concerning the manner of execution, he preferred to be shot. Gilmore refused to appeal, and fired his attorneys.

His mom requested leniency, however he had a letter printed in the press to request her to quit. He was the first guy to be executed in America in ten years, as well as the first after the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty. Since 1977, there have already been more than seven hundred executions in America. His story was the issue of Norman Mailer’s narrative nonfiction accounts The Executioner’s Song.

Gary Gilmore Biography

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