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Gareth Thomas Biography

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Gareth Thomas Biography:

Produced on July 25, 1974, in Sarn, Wales, Gareth Thomas earned recognition for his remarkable rugby abilities as a teen. He starred for the Bridgend, Cardiff and Toulouse teams, and stopped his international career having a record 100 appearances and 40 tries for Wales. In 2009, the rugby excellent made headlines as one among the primary active sportsmen to openly support his homosexuality.

Growing up in the industrial outpost, he grew to love the rough and tumble sport of rugby. Such scoring outbursts were common for Thomas, who had been tricky to handle once he got the full head of steam with his 6’3″, 225-pound frame. After one season using the Celtic Warriors, Thomas signed together with the French club Toulouse to get a three-year run.

Thomas retired from international contest in 2007 having a record 100 appearances and 40 tries for Wales, but continued his team career using the recently formed Cardiff Blues. He moved to Rugby League play in 2010 and spent a year together with the Crusaders team before declaring his retirement in the sport in October 2011.

Thomas recognized he was homosexual as a teen and had his first sexual encounter with a different guy as a 17-year old. Nevertheless, he was terrified his impulses would result in ostracization from his teammates and stop his rugby career, so he embraced a butch approach marked by excessive drinking and brawling.

Thomas kept a connection having a Bridgend girl named Jemma and got married in 2002, but continued to have relationships with other guys. He admitted to her in 2006, following the strain of a third miscarriage as well as a heated television interview caused him to endure a mini-stroke. After he and Jemma break, Thomas disclosed his secret to your trainer along with some supporting teammates.

In October 2009, Thomas became the primary active sports star to publically come from the closet. The statement was generally well received, and Thomas’ earlier anxieties about his profession being derailed by his inclination proved unfounded. He became a spokesman for homosexual causes, including ChildLine, a call center for kids troubled by their sexuality.

After retiring, Thomas stayed in the media limelight by appearing on the reality television shows Celebrity Big Brother and Dancing On Ice. The exceptional narrative of his profession also attracted the attention of Hollywood, with experienced actor Mickey Rourke signing up to impersonate the Welsh rugby excellent in a biopic.

Gareth Thomas Biography

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