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Frederick Jones Biography

Full nameJohn Frederick Jones

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John Frederick Jones Biography:

Jones educated himself mechanical and electrical engineering, devising a variety of apparatus associated with refrigeration, sound and cars. Mobile refrigeration units developed by Jones helped the Usa military take food and blood during the Second World War. Both of his parents had expired by the time Jones was 9 years old, at which point he went to reside using a priest in Kentucky. This living situation continued for a couple of years. Frederick Jones had ability for and an interest in mechanical work. He read widely on the topic as well as his day-to-day work, teaching himself in his time. In 1912, he moved to Minnesota to act as a mechanic on a farm.

It was on the Hallock farm that Jones taught himself in electronic equipment. When the town made a decision to finance a brand new radio station, Jones built the transmitter needed seriously to air its programming. He also developed a device to unite moving pictures with sound. Local businessman Joseph A. Numero later hired Jones to enhance the audio gear he produced for the film industry.

Jones continued to expand his interests in the 1930s. He designed and patented a mobile air cooling unit for trucks taking perishable food. Forming a partnership with Numero, Jones founded the U.S. Thermo Control Business. The business grew exponentially during the Second World War, helping maintain blood, medication and food. By 1949, U.S. Thermo Management was worth millions of dollars.

Within the span of his career, Jones received more than 60 patents. While the bulk pertained to refrigeration technologies, others related to X-ray machines, engines and audio gear. Jones was recognized for his accomplishments both during his life and after his departure. In 1944, he became the very first African American elected to the American Society of Refrigeration Engineers. Jones was the very first African American for the prize, though he didn’t live to receive it. He was inducted to the Minnesota Inventors Hall of Fame in 1977.

Frederick Jones Biography

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